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Lil Rheuk

Lil Rheuk was born in NewPort Beach, California and was raised in Las Vegas. Lil Rheuk started singing when he was 3 years old and started writing music when he was in 5th grade. As well as, rapping when he was in middle school. He is a natural singer and songwriter! He now has a full original studio album under his belt! Doing performances in 45 night clubs, Music venues in Las Vegas, and 17 Music venues In Los Angeles. With Lil Rheuk only being 20 years old he has spent time working backstage at the New Orleans arena meeting Keith Sweat and J Holiday! He has also done international traveling to the Middle East to sing for the troops in 2016! As well as, South America In 2018. Were he performed In Colombia. Now Lil Rheuk has promoted his New single on iTunes “Hey Girl”; which had over 50K views on YouTube. (“Hey Girl” was played on the radio station 88.1 KCEP.) Also, he is working hard to promote the release of his new song “This is the Beat”. With more new music to come! Lil Rheuk was one of the opening acts for radio entertainers such as, Silento, Jacquees, and Nef the Pharaoh; after completing his Summer 2017 Hey Girl Tour with 5 shows in Los Angeles in four different cities! Lil Rheuk is also a activist that has a Stay Strong Campaign and Movement which made the Channel 8 News! This movement was to spread awareness to teens about self-harm and depression. He turned the hate he got into a positive movement to give people a voice. His mission is to inspire people to Stay strong and also feel loved with his music. Lil Rheuk motivates his listeners to stand in the face of their bullies; encouraging people to follow their dreams and to make haters into motivators. He’s able to do all this because of his growing online community of fans and supporters. With always reinventing himself Lil rheuk has faith and hope that he will succeed at what he wants to do in life; he’s a goal chaser, no doubt. Nothing will get in his way.


#1 Where did you grow up?
I was born in Newport Beach California but grew up in Las Vegas.

#2 What is your musical background?
I have performed and sang since I was three years old !!! Putting on shows for the family and neighbors in my living room then began performing in school events like talent shows then I got into the studio when I was in high school from there it went to big stages.

#3 Have you performed around Las Vegas?
all over Las Vegas, I’m the king of pop in Las Vegas …. I’m very humble it’s just the truth … there’s no other pop artist on iTunes Charts … or no one doing pop in Las Vegas !!! I was the first underaged artist to perform at the beauty bar on Freemont Street , I’ve performed a lot and Las Vegas pretty much my whole life …. from big stage small stages big crowd to small crowds … I performed at first Friday A few times now also opened up for Silentó and Jacquees at big Las Vegas festivals … I do spend a lot of time in my Second home which is Los Angeles performing all around Los Angeles as well !!!

#4 Musically, what are your biggest influences and who are your favorite musicians?
My biggest influences are Bob Marley , Prince & Madonna … I absolutely love Michael Jackson as well … Madonna is a favorite musician she’s the queen of pop & so iconic since the 80s !!! I also do love my Justin Bieber!!! Oh yes and Nicki Minaj !!!!

#5 How would you describe your own style?
Lil Rheuk I’m a very creative person I like to be inspired by so many things around the world I create global music in style threw my art …. I’m a pop artist entertainer … I never wanna be a modern boring one thing !!! I want to experiment and explore threw a variety a style with my music in my career !!! So, for now, my style is just me (Lil Rheuk)

#6 In what ways has your newest music changed from when you first started?
Well, my first original singer, was call drop it low it was a hip-hop rap song … I was really into the rap at that time !! I’ve always known I have a great voice so I decided to make pop music … that’s a better fit for me than rap …. I think the quality & voice sounds a lot better then it did !!!

#7 What are the main inspirations for the lyrics you write?
There’s lotta different inspirations when it comes to my lyrics that I have written …. things that happen in my life , things I see , The evil I see , the good I see , A club or party turns me on to writing find get together music …. my summa release of Rapido was inspired by my trip to Colombia!!! I was really inspired by the sound of their music and the dance I really wanted to put it in my Music and create a Spanish influence pop song because I love the Spanish culture and sound of the music very much …

#8 What would be your dream venue in which to perform?
Madison Square Garden !!! Yes, also on Ellen! Or Jimmy Kimmel he was raised in Vegas so hey it would be cool for him to Believe in me!

#9 Are you more of a singer or more of a songwriter?
Equal, I am bath I feel like I’m a great singer and a great songwriter I made catchy lyrics and my voice has a different tone to it !!!! I probably well co-write one time in my career but not now … I right way to many great songs.

#10 What’s next?
Rapido music video Around the end of November ….. I just dropped a new song called stay strong on iTunes .. which hit number one in Belgium !!! More music in 2019 & I’m so f**king excited for you all to watch my music video !!!! I will never give up this dream !!!!

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