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Blow_Flyy who Performs out of Toronto Canada, hailing from Halifax/Dartmouth Nova Scotia, is a new age artist with new thought process, he does it his way, for the Fans, that is without rhyming, {“Where is it written or Who said rhyming is a must in hip-hop to be considered a quality entertaining rap artist”?} instead being a storyteller. When it comes to the industry, he like most artists who are true to the game and themselves. Blow_flyy is currently Grinding pursuing his career as an independent artist. While many artists are looking & Chasing labels to be signed, Blow_flyy continually Grinds forward Building his own Blow_flyy Brand. Blow_flyy remains loyal to his identity and Career Goals.

As an artist who has clean content, he has the potential to gain a lot of respect within the wide spectrum of the industry. Respect with parental units and less vulgar entities will bring new $$money in a present yet undisturbed $$revenue stream.
Blow_Flyy is destined to make a dent in the industry starting in Canada, to the U.S., and then worldwide, definitely keep your eyes on this artist…
Blow_flyy is booked by @aftonShows & Managed by Gary Johnson Jr


Q: Thank you for taking the time for this interview for TMN. Let’s start at the beginning with your music career. For first-time readers finding out about you via this interview will want to know how you came about with your musical journey…..
Thanks for giving me the opportunity, my music career started in Halifax N.S working with James Mcquade (MCJ ) a Juno award winner from the early 90’s group MCJ & COOL.G, we worked on my first studio recording album called “it’s like I got a set of wings”, and also with the help of Gary Johnson jr. As my manager and his hard work to market and promote my music the journey has been a great one so far and beneficial to the beginning of my career, in getting more interviews live shows, my musical journey was and still is a journey, with more to learn, I also recorded my second Studio album “Born to Dream” with James Mcquade (MCJ), from the beginning working with mcj it was a learning experience, about the music business, that I feel was a gem for me, not too many artists coming in the game get to work with well-established artists like mcj, so that was a plus right there.

Q: What are some of the highlights of your musical career which also lead you to this point in time?
Some of my highlights in my career is being able to perform live, give my fans a great experience and being able to interact with them would be my greatest highlight.

Q: What are some of the obstacles you face while being on the road?
Just making it to the shows with no delays, that’s the biggest, that’s an obstacle! I don’t want to experience for the most part things go smoothly.

Q: Who are some of your inspirations?
My inspirations are my grandmother and my family, for the most part, the people around me inspire me.

Q: Social Media: Do you feel it truly reflects an Artists talent?
Yes and more that artist can show his talent the why he wants the world to see him, it also I feel businessmanto a business man or woman, your promoting marketing doing everything, if that’s not reflecting there talent I don’t know what is..

Q: Who gave you your first opportunity in music?
My first opportunity in music came when I was in Toronto ont. And Gary Johnson Jr. Took me to the revival a well-known venue I performed with there live band and from there we just continue with know plans on stopping.

Final question: I have been asked many times: #7.where do you see yourself in 5 -10 years’ time as your music catches on more and more with fans who are looking for your brand of music the storytelling type of hip-hop/rap? I personally feel that isn’t a fair question because it is so general-based. So let me ask you this: If you gain the success you are steadily Grinding for, What are the new things you would like to try with your career or even lifestyle that you haven’t experienced yet or would like to do differently and why?
The new things I would like to try becoming a humanitarian of some sorts, helping people, opening up a restaurant, I wouldn’t want to do anything differently this is my journey the journey the God placI in front me so I feel I should just continue.

THIS IS An Audio Wave Video For #BLOW_FLYY song called “ROAD WARRIOR” from his album called”BORN TO DREAM” released digitally worldwide!

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