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INTERVIEW with Chris Keil

Starting his musical journey with the mixtape, “Young and Unlucky” as his first project, Christopher Saadiq Keil kick-started his career with a bang. Born on October 22, 1995, Christopher Saadiq Keil is a young and talented American recording artist and songwriter, who performs under the alias, “Chris Keil”. He was raised in Newark, New Jersey, and growing up in a Caribbean culture, the passion for music was embedded in his heart since the very beginning.

Chris Keil is a very dedicated artist, who wouldn’t even sleep for months when working on a project and his EP “Floral” is a magnificent outcome of such great hard work and commitment. The EP “Floral” was released on November 23, 2018, and is winning the listeners hearts ever since, because of its unmatched beats and amazing bass.

Chris Keil has loved music from a very young age, as music gave him a sense of emancipation with words and made him feel alive. He has had a portfolio made of all his raps and lyrics since he was in middle school; that’s how much he has believed in himself and his music.

“I have loved music as long as I can remember. My journey so far has been amazing, from doing shows to business meetings, and networking with different artists, a lot of opportunities have opened just from that”, says Chris Keil, discussing his journey as an artist.

Chris Keil’s style of music is based on ambient sounds along with an aggressive bass. He has always loved the idea of drawing people’s attention with a smoothing melody or sample first, then keeping them hooked with a speaker breaking, yet amazing to listen to bass. This trick has worked wonders in all the songs that Chris Keil makes including in the EP “Floral”, which is a great amalgamation of rhythm and beats. This project tells personal situations that have been a part of Chris Keil’s life, such as, his love life and his journey as an artist.

Chris Keil collaborated with singer KJ Rogers for his music video “Prom Roomate”. The song features a captivating music video, smooth flowing vocals by KJ Rogers, and powerful rap verses by Chris Keil.



Who are your top favourite music artists of all time and why?

It would have to be Nas and Lorde. They inspired me with their lyrics and knowledge. In college I listened to Lorde every single day it was like therapy for all the exams and classes. She has the soothing vocals, vivid depictions in her words, it was refreshing.

Nas on the other hand his content was a different level, he’s telling you about world problems, the media, personal stories, etc.


When did you decide to start making music?

I always had love for music at a young age, I initially began writing songs at the age of 10. After hearing Lil Boosie “Zoom”.


Why did you start making music?

Music gives me the freedom to be myself, and connect with other people who relate to my songs. Just knowing I can help someone through their day from a song is rewarding.


What do you want to achieve from a career in music?

Longetivety. To be remembered 50 years or more would reveal I made an impact on the lives of others.


What struggles or challenges do you have pursuing your dream?

The challenges are appealing to a new generation. Alot of people don’t want lyrical content. They just want a hype instrumental and nursery rhymes.


Where do you see yourself in 1 years time?

Releasing my new EP Makeout Point.


What do you think of the current state of the music business?

It’s amazing, alot of artists are making a living without a labels assistance. Streaming has made it easier for new artists to get recognition.


Tell us 3 things we don’t know about?

A lot of people don’t know my favorite cereal is Raisin Bran, I use to have braids, and I know how to sing.

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