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Interview with DJ Phoenix Lord

DJ Phoenix Lord

In the Spring of 2018, he released his first album called “The Mass of Phoenix” and reached #6 on the iTunes Dance charts in Canada! An amazing debut for a rising star! He is 23 years old. Everything started being a guitarist in a rock/metal band when he was young, and now making electronic dance music inspired by the Middle East (from which comes the legend of the Phoenix) with some African tribal sounds among other instruments such as violins that he loves to include in his music.

His most known single “A Deeper Love” is featuring the UK Disco Diva Carol Jiani, famous in the 80’s for her Billboard’s hit “Hit N Run Lover” peaking at #4. Here is the song:

Phoenix Lord will present a brand new single soon, called “I Believe” with the American Dance artist Robin S, well known for her monster hit “Show Me Love” in 1993.

Right now, he just released a brand new House Music song called Parc Belmont which is a tribute to a very well known old amusement park in Montreal, Canada.

Belmont Park (French: Parc Belmont) was an amusement park that operated between 1923 and 1983 in the Montreal neighborhood of Cartierville in Quebec, Canada.

The big laughing lady is undoubtedly the most mythical character of Belmont Park. She laughed loudly and made people laugh or scare them in the haunted house.

Get ready to live or relive the mysteries of the famous and fascinating Belmont park. Dare to enter and let yourself be transported by its magic with this new delirious production of Canadian DJ producer Phoenix Lord.

The dominant melodious accordion and bouncy bassline with this laughing lady are the main ingredients of this delirious mix and this is already enough to create a memorable moment on the dancefloor!

The Phoenix history
There once was a majestic bird that rose out of the ashes… A bird of such magnificence, such significance, that it is revered even today. That mysterious bird is known to us as the legendary Phoenix – a symbol of hope and life. Embodying the idea of spreading hope, DJ producer Phoenix Lord is set to spread his wings and presents his beautiful colors to the world. The Prophecy of Phoenix shares a powerful message of hope to make the world a better place.

The album “The Mass of Phoenix” is available on iTunes and Spotify.


How did you first become interested in electronic music?
My passion for music started very young when I started playing guitar. As a teenager, I made myself a friend who was working on Cubase and that’s when I saw the infinity of possibilities to create music, to access all the instruments and sounds unimaginable, not just the guitar like I was used to and limited by ideas that were already overflowing at the time.

Tell me about the approach you take when you’re producing new tracks?
Often, it is certain musical discoveries of all kinds that will inspire me with something new. Then I choose a starting bpm according to my feeling, I put a kick and I let my feelings and emotions of what I live at this moment in my life create a melody. Then I look for the sound that suits the result of the creative expression I just emitted. That’s my base for almost all my productions, the rest is a bit like a recreation of the creative energy that surrounds and complements my feeling.

What are some of the challenges that you’ve faced in your career and how have you overcome them?
I certainly have to face a lot of challenges every day, but they are not events to which I am attached. I work hard to become better than I was yesterday, in both my personal and professional life. I have only one big challenge that I have to realize every day with actions that allow me to fulfill my life mission. But If you want an example of a recent challenge, it was to produce my new single with American Dance Music Diva Robin S. It is destined to a more commercial market that I used to know, more radio friendly. I hope you’ll like the result.

What are your views on the electronic music scene in Canada?
The scene has evolved and DJs are increasingly recognized as true musicians and artists in their own right. What I deplore, however, is the DJs who work there for the popularity, the drinks and the girls. Everyone is looking for their hour of glory in this generation and that ruins the nightlife. That being said, here in Canada, I appreciate the visibility offered by festivals such as Île Soniq and Villa Paradizo. I would love to play Tomorrowland and be able to give a big show to allow people to truly enter my musical world.

What are some of the projects you’re working on currently?
The projects are overflowing and I have trouble staying focused on one. LOL
My main project of the moment is a collaboration with the singer/songwriter Dion Todd who prepares a big return on the dance/pop scene! I’m working on my second album to be out in 2019 and on a tour.

How do you find creative inspiration?
As I mentioned earlier, it’s a mix between the events that happen in my life, the emotions that come with it, and some musical discovery that also arouses feelings in me.

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