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INTERVIEW with Event Promoter and Host Sebastian Alejandro Ramirez (@partywithsebby)

Sebastian is the guy that’s paid to party! Born in North Bergen, NJ
Born first generation American he moves into the entertainment industry after running a small scale hedge fund at 16 and dabbling in real estate.
He has worked on events in LA, Toronto, NYC, Rochester NY, Buffalo NY, Syracuse NY, And Philly. Also worked with big Instagram brands (@bangerbuddy) (@blackoutbangers)


How did “Partywithsebby” start?
I started going to house parties at Syracuse University like any normal teenager at one of the top party schools in the nation does. I quickly became bored with that and a friend of mine, TJ, suggested on us hosting a party. We had both gained popularity on campus and in the city for being the party kids. I never knew that one party would change my life forever.

Where do you plan on taking your business and how do you plan on achieving your goals?
so I plan on starting an event empire with not only my name but FLK which is an event and promo company that my friend and I started not too long ago. The main goal right now is to start booking venues for events. I have been working with a club in my hometown which I regularly promote events. And I am working with various Instagram brands to collaborate on events for the near future and am in the process of working out details on an east coast college tour which is super exciting!

What makes you qualified to offer the service(s) you offer over anyone else?
As of now, I have been in the nightlife business for almost 2 years and in that short time frame, I went from 200 people house parties to 2 thousand person venues. I have a growing audience base on Instagram (@partywithsebby) and am working on growing. And ultimately results. I know what needs to be done to execute a great event and I’m willing to do it.

What’s an example of a failure that taught you a valuable lesson in your career?
wow…. just one? Haha honestly probably just last year we were at all time high numbers for event attendance and just as fast as it rose it started to decline. And bad. Everything I had been doing before just stopped working. And it took time to figure out why. And ultimately I figured out the target audience was just too specific. I needed to start targeting more than just friends of friends to events. I realized it was mainly because i wasn’t going 100%. I was still scared if this is really what i want people to know me for. When i finally dove in that’s when I really started growing on social media, and started my personal brand. And I mean it’s cool to have people you’ve never met come up to you at a club or bar and go “OMG your Sebby what’s up!”

What’s next?
Well, I’m not exactly sure Haha, European tour? My business partner has ties in France and has actually worked over there on two occasions but I guess you have to stay tuned to find out!


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