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INTERVIEW With Founder and CEO of The Jacob Group, Andy Jacob

Andy Jacob

Andy Jacob is Founder and CEO of The Jacob Group, bringing more than 20 years of executive experience founding and leading startups and high growth companies. Jacob is a pioneer in the fields of consumer finance, online customer acquisition, and consumer monetization. Jacob has been seen as a guest financial expert on CBS, ABC, NBC, Time Warner, and Bloomberg. Jacob’s companies have also been covered by The Wall Street Journal. Jacob is turning the billion dollar consultation industry upside down with his “one-hour” coaching and consulting practice, focused on startup entrepreneurs and visionaries who are creating innovative companies. Leveraging his experience and strategic abilities, Andy is known for breaking down business problems quickly and efficiently. Jacob’s mission is to provide entrepreneurs easy solutions for complex problems. Jacob is the author of “The Beautiful Start-Up Quiz”, and an active investor, business owner and entrepreneur,

Andy JacobWhile Jacob is best known for his business savvy, his favorite accomplishment is being a founding supporter and executive board member of The Friendship Circle, an organization that provides individuals with special needs the support, friendship, and inclusion they deserve. Jacob and his wife, Kristin, are also supporters of numerous animal charities.

Most companies only think about increasing their market-share. Jacob looks at your business an entirely different way. Jacob calls it the 10X Paradox©.


How long have you been a CEO of The Scottsdale Angels?

I founded the Scottsdale Angels in 2014 after having a successful exit with my media company. After the word got out that I sold my company, I received a lot of questions from startup entrepreneurs about how to build a company from the ground up. Many of these young entrepreneurs were asking the same questions, so I decided to put together a group that could help nurture these startup mavericks. In addition, I wrote the Beautiful Startup Quiz that I offer for free to anyone that wants to learn the 11 most important questions one must ask in opening a business.

Whatís your favorite part of your job?

I love meeting new people that have passion, excitement, and ideas. Life is fun when you around such talented and excited people. It is contagious.

What is the biggest obstacle youíve faced along your career path?

I have learned to turn obstacles into opportunities. One obstacle that I have turned into a positive was the obstacle of what I call  “can’t do people.” Can’t do people are everywhere. They simply have an attitude that things can’t be done. For me, when I meet these people, it reminds me how easy it for the few people with a “can-do” attitude to get things done.

What is one skill most important to being a leader in your field?

Have you ever worked abroad?
Yes, I worked in Mexico, and I love the culture, the people, and their newfound passion for technology.

In your opinion, how important is social media for networking/helping one achieve others career goals?
It depends on the goal. The most important thing is to have passion, belief, and an unyielding love of what you are doing.

What are you doing to keep growing your career?
I like to write. I have a new book that I am writing that bridges the gap of business and a higher cause.
I believe it will be very well received as it is something that people are striving for.

In one sentence, what is the most important thing young entrepreneurs need to think about?
Young Entrepenuers need to think about how they make the customers over the top happy

In one sentence, what is the most important thing a startup founder needs to think about when dealing with investors?
Startup founders need to think about the “why” of the investor…its not all about money.

You talk about your “why” a lot. What is that?
A person’s why is “why” they do what they do. Simply put, it is the reason that they get up in the morning.
Without knowing that, building a business is very difficult.



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