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Interview with founder of CHAD – AJ Picard

AJ Picard

How did you come to the idea of making this app?

I was sitting in the King of Prussia Mall eating at the food court and thought to myself how come I can’t connect with locals or filter to a specific location and talk to people in that area? Then I remembered how much fun I had in the app chatrooms, never understood why they vanished. So I decided to bring the two ideas together while reinventing the chatroom.

The application has a very attention-grabbing name, why did you name it “CHAD”?

I wanted to have a name that was more personal than my competition. Chad we felt could be looked at as a friend than a platform.

Can you briefly exlocation-based works?

Chad is providing location based messaging through Chatrooms. Users can open the app up and can see chatrooms around them or they can zoom out and visit chatrooms in other locations. Chad is like a world group chat.

What are the advantages for the users?

They’re are a bunch.

Users can open the app and can connect with locals.

If a user are visiting is going on vacation to another location they can post a chatroom in that location asking people things to do for when they get there.

They can join cafe, bar, restaurant chatrooms and ask visitors what they thought of the place. Businesses can also use chatrooms to promote their brand to people around them.

College campuses can promote events, announcements, news, to their student body.

Students can create chatrooms for their dorm rooms or even for parties

Your favorite thing to do to relax?

I love playing basketball & video games.

If you could have one entrepreneur in the world join your team, who would it be?

Living – Elon Musk
Deceased – Steve Jobs

Best piece of advice to young entrepreneurs:

Stay positive no matter how bad it might seem. When things are bad remember they ALWAYS work out.


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