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Interview With HipHop Artist Dukki Boi

Dukki Boi

Dukki Boi is a hip hop artist from New Orleans, La. Dukki Boi is a true and pure artistic product of the “Big Easy”. With a calculated yet melodic flow, you’ll experience a gumbo pot of emotions as a listener. Be apart of the passion, pain, late-night parties, fatherhood, relationships, grind, grit, hustle, love, and everything else Dukki Boi brings to the table with his unmatched introspective lyricism over soul-stirring instrumentals.



Where are you from? Have your surroundings shaped you in a creative sense, and in what way(s)?

I’m from Gretna(the arrest capital of the world), that’s a small little city next door to New Orleans. I rep for NOLA as a whole. Period. Of course, my surroundings have shaped me in a creative sense. Music was a way for me to create a more pleasant picture of what was going on in my area which enables me to show people more than the naked eye can see about the intricacies of my environment.


What did you start doing first, producing or rapping? How did you get started?

I produced a few tracks over the years but rapping is my true gift and passion. Rapping came naturally to me. I was good at it before I began to take it seriously. I was about 12 years old when I began rapping.


At what age did you begin creating, and in which mediums?

I would get into any rap cypher or battle that I could. My style was always 1 of 1. I joined a local rap group at about the age of 16/17 that did shows all over the New Orleans area and I’ve been grinding on and off ever since.


Where does your influence come from?

My influence comes from a wide range of things. Passion, emotion, community, culture, love, violence, social injustice, family, death, drug dealing, everyday hood politics, etc.


How long have you been making music now, as Dukki Boi?

I’ve been making music for a while. I’ve been making music consistently as Dukki Boi for about 9 years.


Who are your top 3 favorite bands of all time?

My top 3 favorite bands of all-time regardless of genre are Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, The Isley Brothers, and Earth, Wind, & Fire.


Tell me about the first song you ever made. Was it a success or a failure in your opinion?

I forgot the name of the first song I ever made, it was a long time ago. I remember rapping it to everyone for the first time and their reactions let me know that a career in music was my calling. That was an out of this world type of experience.


What is next for Dukki Boi? What do you want your supporters to know about you?

I’m dropping a string of videos for songs that I’ve recently released and a few upcoming singles. I’m releasing a mini-movie for the song ‘30 Pieces’ featuring Cruze from my ‘VanTrump 10:15’ album. I’m also in talks with an artist in the Charlotte, North Carolina area about a collaborative album. Just working. You can find Dukki Boi everywhere, hopefully, I’ll be in a city near you in the near future. I want to make you dance, I want to make you think, and I want to make you better. At the end of the day, my message ultimately is about self-love.

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