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INTERVIEW with Jade Alice

Jade Alice

Jade Alice is an electro-pop singer-songwriter/producer with a love for lush harmony and anything with potato in it. Her day dreamy songs are glazed with a silky, sparkling voice, each one capturing a unique feeling and moment in time. Honeyed in melodies, her feel-good lyrics could make the grumpiest cat smile.


How would you describe your current sound?

I would describe it as ethereal electro-pop, it’s warmly nostalgic but still has the slight heaviness of melancholy.

Let’s talk a bit about your songwriting process. How does a song usually develop – do you first start with the lyrics, melody, chord progression, or something else?

Most often, it’s the melody first, but melodies tend to present themselves differently every time! Sometimes I hear melody ideas in my dreams. I’ll wake up from it in the middle of the night and try to record a voice memo, and it’s the most hilarious thing to listen to in the morning. It’ll just be me half asleep sounding like a drowsy goat making no sense. Otherwise, I usually write a melody over chords.

How long does it usually take you to write a song?

When a song comes into your head naturally, you’re transported from where you are, and all you can hear is this idea that you have to get out. When that happens it’s very quick, the song is written in 20 minutes. But other times, I’ll say to myself ok let’s sit down and write a song, so it’s almost forced. That can be hours of sitting there and getting frustrated that nothing good is coming out.

What’s the message you’re trying to send with such a dark track?

With ‘Heartbreak Club’, I only realized what I was trying to tell myself after I finished the song and read back my lyrics. It’s a song that’s very open for interpretation; it can be the heartbreak of a love ending, or the ache of being in an all consuming love. For me it was about my relationship with love itself. Learning to love myself, and how that can be hard. I was breaking my own heart. It sounds so tragic! But there is a happiness and warmth in the relief let out by the song.

Who are your favorite current songwriters or musicians? Can you turn our readers on to someone they may not have heard of yet?

Susanne Sundfor for sure! If you haven’t heard of her, she’s a Norwegian singer-songwriter and producer and she’s my biggest inspiration at the moment. I am in love with so many Scandinavian artists like Sigrid and Aurora, I think they write the most cleverly constructed pop and their lyrics are so literal and original.

What are your current tour plans like?

At the moment I’m just planning some shows around Melbourne’s regions, but eventually, I would love to tour internationally!

What excites you the most about the future?

All of the things I’ve never done. Although it’s overwhelming at times to think about how much I haven’t experienced yet, it fuels you and motivates you to keep creating, knowing that the best is yet to come.

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