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INTERVIEW With Jeremy Jones / J Bravo

J Bravo

Jeremy Jones, publicly known as J Bravo, born March 15, 1978, began his itinerant childhood in the heart of the souths most violent gang zone Little Rock Arkansas. Not by choice but rather defense and a way of life, Bravo fought daily and is reminded even now by the stab wounds left tattooed on his skin. On the streets and sleeping in a schoolyard at the age of 12, Bravo learned the ropes of a man quickly as an adolescent and through determination and disgust from poverty, at the age of 18 he was given the chance to finance a pizza company in which Bravo swiftly monopolized on by expanding to 4 stores in less than 2 years. After being brutally beaten with a gun and hospitalized in a store robbery he sold the small chain and focused on his unwavering desire to record R&B music. Bravo was first discovered by a road manager for the multi-platinum group “Saliva” out of Memphis and was asked to perform back up vocals on their 2002 release “back into your system”. He shortly after completing his first full album titled “my life” which was recorded in a closet studio of a friends house and against the odds went on to sell over 5000 copies over the following 2 years out of his trunk and soliciting juvenile “street team”. For the next few years, Bravo would open for major acts at local clubs and promoted concerts until he was discovered by Grammy award-winning writer and hip-hop artist “Gorilla Zoe” which immediately after hearing Bravos Brian McKnight/Timberlake inspired sound, signed him to his 100 location college circuit tour named “Animal House Tour”. An extraordinary following for Bravo was imminent with the amount of attendance and his ability to turn up the party when he hits the stage. Bravo was soon after connected to artists such as T-Pain, Twista, Chamillionaire, Yung Joc, Ying Yang Twins, Juicy J and has become a friend to T.V star Shemar Moore which openly promotes him on his social sites. Bravo is currently working with Grammy super producers
Jon RedWine (2 on feat. Drake)
Dj Marley waters (2 on feat. Drake) Walka (blame it (Jamie Foxx) and
Rob Allen (Disturbia (Rihanna)!

What happens when a thriving R&B artist, raised as poor white trash with a slim chance, goes from being tossed to the curb and homeless at the age of 12 to rising above and walking the thin line of the mainstream?
Juggling the stresses of being a struggling professionally dressed businessman dealing with arrogant millionaires to performing a college tour with some of today’s most prominent hip-hop artists to balancing unstable relationships with alcohol and drug abusing family members. With like roots of an aspen tree to his small southern town native home, he rips his family at the seam and makes a move to the fast city of LA to chase his dream. Will his benevolence to the homeless and unselfish concern to neglected children win him a triumphant position from bitter sweet Karma herself or will he endure the Cold unforgiving grip of Hollywood?


Which group or artist inspired you the most growing up in music?
I would have to say boyzIImen and Brian McKnight hands down.

Who are three of the greatest songwriters and producers that you have ever worked with?
Nate Walka, Jon RedWine and Marley Waters

If you had to pick one actor, actress or singer that you think has the most determination, who would that be?
Without a doubt Shemar Moore

Who gave you your first opportunity in music?
Three people played a key role in my start. Jo Robbins (Jotorious), Gorilla Zoe and Will Lacy(Willy Banks).

How does it feel being from such a small town in Arkansas and going to Hollywood parties at Jamie Foxx’s house with a superstar like Shemar Moore?
It was an absolute honor to be there. I met a lot of my idols there including Brian McKnight, Snoop dogg, Dj quick, Colin, Kaepernick, Kanye West, Chris Brown and many more. Too many to name actually.

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