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INTERVIEW With Karim Mokhtar

Interview with the story creator Karim Mokhtar who is also a thinker, an artist, an entrepreneur, and co-own a production company – International Film Productions Inc.


Position in the company: Founder of Republic Of Carthage, Corp.

Can you introduce yourself to our audience?
First, thank you for inviting me to TMN, I’ve been a fan of your magazine for the last year and wish you guys all the success. My name is Karim Mokhtar, I am an international sales intelligence specialist and a business owner based in Los Angeles, California. When I am not creating and concretizing business ideas, I write books from science fiction and existentialism to ancient history and business futurism. I was born and raised in Carthage, North Africa. Here in the US, many of us don’t know where that is so what I usually do is mention to people that it’s the home of Hannibal Barka, queen Dido, and the financial and commerce center of the ancient world from 1250 BCE to 146 BCE.

Great, can you tell us more about your new nonprofit organization, Republic of Carthage?
I’ve been running and managing companies in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas for the past 14 years. I specialize in creating great ideas and strategies to help businesses expand globally by using cutting edge technologies and AI for sales, marketing, and business development. One of my latest companies is International Film Productions. This was launched back in 2017 with my two business partners, Eric and Emanuel, who are Hollywood insiders with over 45 years’ experience in the movie industry.
Very recently, I decided to launch a new nonprofit organization here in California called “Republic of Carthage”. This name is based on a Tunisian based political movement which I created with a group of some of the most amazing Tunisian citizens who share with me the dream of reviving the universal values of Carthage and change the name of the country from Tunisia to Carthage. The nonprofit’s mission, however, is of an apolitical nature. Our goal with the Republic of Carthage organization is to connect people around and beyond the Mediterranean Sea, promote wealth democratization by creating business opportunities for the youth from Tunisia to Spain, and achieve cultural understanding instead of close mindedness and all sorts of stereotypes.

This sounds very interesting, but why the Republic of Carthage?
Unlike all the ancient civilizations, Carthage was the first republic where diversity was celebrated, and very innovative ideas emerged. Since around 1250 BCE, Carthaginians, regardless of their skin color, religions, and even languages sometimes, lived and worked together peacefully and intermarried for about 1000 years. People like Archimedes, Plato, and other were great admirers of the Republic of Carthage and its democracy and way of living. This was an amazingly successful model that we want to tell everyone about and spread hope in this era where, unfortunately, humans seem to be divided in many ways.

Can you tell us one thing that Carthage gave to humanity?
Carthage invented many things that we don’t only still use until this day, but also things that shaped the entire human history and cultures. To list a few: the written alphabetical language was developed in Carthage, glass was invented there, agricultural engineering, bidding and banking systems, and much more…

Where do you see the Republic of Carthage organization in 3 years from now?
This organization is going to be a serious contributor in the domains of peace and wealth making. We currently have several allies in Tunisia, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Malta, Algeria, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Uganda. In a couple of years, we see our nonprofit operating worldwide with new strategic allies on every map.

Thank you, Karim, is there anything else you wanted to share with us before we end this interview?
Yes, I’d like to thank you again for your interest in this nonprofit and I’d love to invite you and anyone reading this to join us in our California or Carthage offices for a free Carthaginian meal, believe me it’s beyond delicious, a nice tour of Tunisia (it’s on us), and a night on the beach to learn more about the forgotten republic of Carthage.. you never know, you may have ancient relatives from there.

Where can we find you online? is our main websites. We can also be connect via email: [email protected]

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