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INTERVIEW With Musician / Rapper/ Producer – TRE

Born Brandon Adam Harrison on June 3, 1991 but is better known by fans as the stage name Tre. He is a white rapper and music producer from Pretoria, South Africa. He founded the label Talent and Technique Productions, TnT Productions and later redesigned to be TnT Corporation.

Tre has released four studio albums. First was Up and Coming in late 2012. Then, Return of Tre in 2013. Following that up with his hit album called Tre Day in 2014. Then finally. Get Up: All City Toy album in 2015. Currently he is working on his next project called M.A.D.

In 2014 he worked on a seven track collaborative E.P called Break Bad, with the artist Mr Problematic.

During about 2015, 2016, and 2017 and yet still working on the M.A.D project, he put together three side projects which would were called Method To The MADness, Mind of Madness and Euro Trippin’.

Tre has collaborated with International artists from, Los Angeles, California, with the rapper, Toxic. They worked on the single titled Death Of My Music.

Other collaborations done by Tre would be the song Egyptian Codes which got featured in the Corporate Takeover Vol.3 which was put together by the Coke Boys South and featured big named artists as the likes of French Montana, Drake, Busta Rhymes and many more.

He has also worked with local musicians such as, Swayzi and Big Siz from the rap group Loud House Entertainment, Ray Mupats, Yinks, Ephraim, Explojawz, Prince Peezy, and the singer Archangel, as well as many other talented artists.

The projects which was produced and was co-produced by Tre are, #DatSway in 2012 by the artist, Swayzi, Di Constitution by the Nigerian artist Archangel in 2012. In 2013 he produced Classed Dismissed by Ezee; Dead Or Alive by Ephraim; Da Element by the rapper called Element; Repetoire E.P by Ricochey, the MC-QD mixtape Precise Part 1, as well as many others and including his own projects released during those same years.

The many singles he produced and worked on was ‘Premature Ejaculation’ and ‘We On’ by Swayzi, the hit single of 2013, I Drink I Smoke by EaZy-NoE4T (Effort).

He also branched out to feature and produce the artist Reggie from Durban in the single called ‘Looking In My Soul’. Tre also produced the American rapper from Miami named Koolaid in his remix song which he featured Yinks in, called ‘Red Ferrari Remix’.

Other albums Tre has brought out included Rap It Up; Sitting Back which was a mixtape he released which included tracks he featured on with various artists he worked with during the years of his music career; Project Fame and Parking Lot Rap were TnT Production compilation albums, which were released nearing the end of each year, which included the hit tracks that fans liked of the artists that TnT Productions worked with for that year.


Q: Thank you for taking the time for this interview for TMN. Let’s start at the beginning with your music career. For first-time readers finding out about you via this interview will want to know how you came about with your musical journey…..
A: Well while I was doing my last year in highschool, I wasn’t really too sure what I was going to do with my life. But I’d always find myself being drawn to music, and I’d constantly write lyrics. So that’s basically how I started off my music career

Q: What are some of the highlights of your musical career which also lead you to this point in time?
A: Well some highlights of my music career would be, the establishment of my company TnT Corporation. Another would be befriending and having the chance to work with my good friend Crispy T, me and him have really worked hard on building the structure of what TnT Corporation is today. He was truly the only person who believed in my sound while I was coming up in the rap industry, and while the poeple I was working with at that stage, were trying to get me to change my sound, and truly just mess me around with in terms of business, Crispy T actually took my sound, and didn’t expect me to change it or mainstream it, so yeah, one of my biggest highlights would have to be meeting and getting the chance to work with Crispy T.

Q: What are some of the obstacles you face while being on the road?
A: Haha obstacles, I wouldn’t really call it obstacles, that would seriously be a mild way of putting the mountains of torture I had to face while on this journey. I mean this industry is hard man, some of these people don’t understand how hard this industry is, and I was faced with some seriously tough decisions and choices in my life, that I truly did not want to have to make. I mean the people in here would be so shady, like this one time I was forced to go to this videoshoot once, and it wasn’t even for one of my songs, my old team had me wake up at 6AM that morning, to drive around picking up everybody for this videoshoot, had me drive everyone around and worst of it all was, nobody helped me with gas to fill up my car, it all came out of my own pocket, BUT worst of it was that, the videoshoot location, was like 5 minutes away from my house, YET I had to drive everywhere having to drive people I don’t know around because my manager told me I had to. Now heres another messed up part of what happened that day, while I was on set, one of these guys who’s apart of my managers entourage decided that he needed something out of my car, so I was busy carrying the baggage in from these people I had just drove around into the venue, so I hand this guy my keys and said I’ll be out there in minute to help him, next minute he’s gone with my car. I was on set at 8AM, he took my car at 8:30AM, and this asshole when I called him kept saying that yes he’s on his way back, this dude only came back at 4PM with my car. NOW how much time was I let in on this video you may ask, for about 5 seconds, literally 5 seconds of screen time I was given on this shoot, and still I had to drive everybody THEN HOME AFTERWARDS, and we finished shooting at 9PM that night. Now I don’t know about you, but I ask myself, what in the hell was that going to do for my career? I mean I felt more like I was playing taxi for my manager, which oh by the way, IT WAS HIS MUSIC VIDEO WE WERE SHOOTING…. I mean I had filled up my gas tank, and by the end of the damn day, I was below empty, no money was given to fill up my tank again, oh and also, that guy who took my car out until 4PM, he landed me with a damn ticket too! Which I had to pay for as well. Haha so yeah this was only one of the obstacles I was faced with, and I got a hundred more stories of how shady this industry is, but yeah man. Its dangerous out in this industry, people will take advantage of you, and will dangle your whole life on a string, and expect you to not get mad because it’s like they DOING YOU A FAVOUR.

Q: Who are some of your inspirations?
A: Musically, I would have to say Eminem and Hospin. In life that would defintely be my father.

Q: Social Media: Do you feel it truly reflects an Artists talent?
A: If it’s done correctly, yes I truly believe it is able to reflect an artist’s talent. BUT it’s a fine line that has to be drawn, between talent, and an artist just posting up nonsense. So truly it can if they are able to establish boundries.

Q: Who gave you your first opportunity in music?
A: Well nobody, I had to build that opportunity myself to be very honest, first label I signed to, screwed me over. Every time I went to record my songs, my music would either never be finished, or it would get lost, or simply be forgotten about, and I would ask myself, now what the hell am I even signed to this label for, when I’ve ended up with nothing, and I’VE PAID and put money into this whole operation, and I walked away with well literally as much as I came in with, no even less than what I came in with, I ended up being more broke because they didn’t do anything for me, and I was having to pay.

Final question: I have been asked many times: where do you see yourself in 5 -10 years’ time? I personally feel that isn’t a fair question because it is so general-based. So let me ask you this: What are the new things you would like to try with your career or even lifestyle that you haven’t experienced yet or would like to do differently and why?
A: Well I’m actually a father to a 9 month old baby boy, so haha in the next 5 to 10 years I’m hoping that I am able to establish my company big enough so that I can give my son everything he wants you know. I mean everything I do now is for him, so I would like to see myself at that point where, everyday life worries wouldn’t be a constant thing you know.

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