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Interview with REVILUTION

Behind the Music

A stylistically unique Rock & Roll Band from day one, the members of REVILUTION have been singing, performing, and playing in sync as if they’d been together their entire musical careers. Throughout the course of the band’s union, they have won over rock fans from all walks of life. Now, as they embark on a new promotional tour for their EP, their explosive original music is set to conquer an even wider global audience.
REVILUTION is Dan Seitz, Lead Vocals & Lead Guitar. Marie B, Backing Vocals. Scott Flint, Rhythm & Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals. Mikey Chavez, Bass Guitar. Joe Hernandez, Drums, Backing Vocals.

1. Please tell us the member’s names and a bit about each of you!

Dan Seitz, vocals, guitar. Dan is a multi-instrumentalist and Army veteran. He likes and uses both vintage and modern recording equipment and media, including vinyl, analog cassette and reel-to-reel tape, and DAT. The beginning of the band was when Dan started a ReverbNation page and recorded two songs, releasing them under his own name. Not long after, he met Marie and began recording under the name REVILUTION. Eventually the band was filled out to include Scott, Mikey, and Joe, and here we are!

Marie B, vocals. Marie has a fine arts background and formal education in acting, singing, dancing, athletics, business, and physical education. She started out in REVILUTION as the band manager, but due to her lead vocal performances at Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp, she eventually ended up singing in the band. She has provided the studio for recording and band rehearsal. Anything the band needs, Marie makes sure it happens, whether it’s guitar strings, drum heads, cymbals, what have you. She likes dogs and photography.

Scott Flint, guitar, vocals. Scott is a native of Moreno Valley, CA. He’s done everything from set up smoke pots for orange groves to sky-diving. He had a band called Rampage that toured with ZZ Top. He is also a multi-instrumentalist and composer, and he comes from a family of performers.

Joe Hernandez, drums. Joe has been drumming since High School Marching Band. He’s a member of Phoenix Area Drummers, where he spent many years in cover bands. He is of Native American heritage, has been a miner, and likes to watch live bands. Marie describes him as an element, because doesn’t just play drums, he IS drumming. He focuses on that one thing, and does it very well.

Mikey Chavez, bass. Mikey has a lot of heart and soul. He has played hundreds of shows and has his own fans. He never thought he’s be in an important band. Marie says his bass licks are the tastiest she’s heard. He eats healthy food but really likes Godiva chocolates and stealing Joe’s Double-Stuffed Oreos.

2. What bands or artists do you credit with your playing style & overall stage presence?

Dan: I have a lot of influences, and I snag a little bit from everyone I’ve ever listened to, from The Beatles to Slayer. But probably my biggest for stage presence is Paul Stanley. I’ve always loved the way he projects when he’s speaking in between songs, the way he lets the music move his body, although I try to stay on the mic a bit more than he does.

Scott: We are all very accomplished artists that over the years developed our own unique style and brought them to the table, which in turn makes the band stand out more.

3. How did you all the members of REVILUTION meet?

Scott: Through ads on craigslist! (laughing) It’s true!

Dan: Marie and I met through a former band mate of mine, but Scott’s right about everyone else. I’d say that worked out well for us, we put together one helluva band that way!

4. How did you come up with the new concept for your latest music?

Dan: The songs on the EP are ones that Marie and I originally recorded long before we put the full band together. The idea behind them was basically me just putting my life experiences to music. Well, “Face Down” was inspired by a Stephen King novel, but reading Stephen King is always a pretty great experience for me!

Marie: We each add our personal flavors to the mix. As we play the music we bond and jell naturally. So in a way, the concept created itself.

5. What are your greatest challenges as a band?

Marie: Getting to rehearsal on time, and keeping our heads in the music and not getting distracted. Long work hours, remembering to eat, keeping bills paid, those can really pull our attention. Mostly when we are all together we help each other and it makes everything seem easier somehow. Say, like if we get too critical of what we’re doing and just can’t get out of our own head, we have to go, “no, it’s all good, it’s going to be fine.” We have all faced difficulties individually so when we’re together as a band we just click. Since we got great management being heard is no longer an insurmountable task. However, for me it was a challenge to understand that we HAVE management now. At first I didn’t get it because I’d pushed so hard for so long, it simply didn’t register in my brain. Now I’m like, “don’t be afraid to ask Birdee. She’ll know what to do.”

6. In your opinion, what is your greatest strength as a band?

Scott: I would say the songwriting.

Dan: I think our diversity works well for us, too. We all bring our individual styles and influences to the songs, making them way better than the initial demos or whatever. I think our songs are pretty good, but everyone in the band working together make them great.

Marie: In my opinion, our greatest strength is our sound. Individually and together we make a unique and strong sound in rock and metal music. Lyrics that you can understand, guitar sounds, drums. THAT is our strength.

7. What lasting impression do you want to leave with your music?

Marie: I’d want to leave with the music. I’d say, when someone listens to our music, I want them to feel like they’ve just experienced something that touched them personally. As if the music is speaking to them directly.

Scott: Love what you’re doing, rock as hard as you can, and never give up.

Dan: “Holy sh**, rock AIN’T dead!!!”

8. Future plans?

Scott: Touring and recording the new album and tour in support of the album.

Marie: I would be open to all that can happen. Just flow with it and do the best I can.

9. Any shout outs or people you would like to thank?

Marie: Nadine Raymond for being an original supporter of REVILUTION, and being the most incredible friend ever. Gary Evink for sensing the connection between Dan and I and introducing us. To the fans who come up after the show and rave about the performances, share and talk about the band online and in person. Shout out to Matthew Montoya and Abraham Barton for jamming with us and listening to the songs and getting us gigs and playing with us. Casey Ratner for filming our first music video and helping with the concept of it. Scott Travis for giving us a great welcome to our headlining show in Vegas. And Birdee Bow for understanding us as a band and doing such great work for us.

Scott: I wanna thank Dan for writing such good music and for being a great friend. “Luv ya, Brutha!”

Dan: I want to thank everyone in the band for being willing to be a part of my mad quest! And my mom and dad and my daughter for being supportive, and Scott’s wife Tina for keeping us fed and believing in us so strongly! I couldn’t ask for better family, friends, or bandmates!


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