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Interview with Sanjiv Kumar Jha, Data Scientist

Sanjiv Kumar Jha

Luckily for us, we had the chance to interview Sanjiv Kumar Jha, Data Scientist, and these are the questions we talked about.

Tell us about yourself? 
Chief Data Scientist with a career of 20+ years, having experience and expertise in the Pharmaceuticals, Storage, Digital Advertisement and Smart Cities Domains building web-scale data product. I have leveraged data science and enterprise architect expertise in developing solutions for Drug discovery, Analytics for data backup infrastructure, programmatic buying, IoT solution for utility and urban infrastructure. Over the years, I have been associated with various successful start-ups and Fortune 500 companies such as Personagraph, PubMatic, Komli Media, HCL Technology, Quattro Wireless, Symantec Corporation, and more.

What is data science and what do data scientists do?
Data Science is a field which deals with identification, representation, and extraction of meaningful information from data sources to be used for business purposes.
A data scientist is a person who develops data product. Data products are products whose primary objective is to use data to facilitate an end goal.

What skills should a data scientist have?
A data scientist should be skilled in maths, programming, and statistics. The non-technical skills required are having great data intuition. Great data intuition means perceiving patterns where none are observable on the surface. A data scientist needs to have a great domain knowledge. A data scientist needs to have the know-how of the business process otherwise all those technical skills cannot be channeled productively. Lastly, a data scientist needs to have strong communication skills. A data scientist understands data better than anyone else however you should be able to successfully communicate understanding with someone who is a non-technical use of data.

How to use data science to get ahead in business?
Scientific use of data is about gathering a large amount of data and then churned and categorise it base on the specific information that is needed. It can be used to get ahead in business by better decisions, defining goals, identifying opportunities, classifying target audience or by choosing the right talent. It offers immense value to the business if done right.


Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn: @iSanjivKJha


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