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INTERVIEW With Upcoming Hip Hop Artist KF Greatness

KF Greatness

Where are you from? Have your surroundings shaped you in a creative sense, and in what way(s)?
I’m from Pine Bluff, Arkansas and yes it has, it’s crazy down here, people dying every day, so it’s makes me move smarter

What did you start doing first, producing or rapping? How did you get started?
I started Rapping first, I used to write poetry all the time and one of my classmates used to tell me all the time, you need to get in the studio bro cause you got bars

At what age did you begin creating, and in which mediums?
I started at 16, Through Poetry mediums

How long have you been making music now?
Like 2 years now

Who are your top 3 favorite bands of all time?
Kendrick Lamar, Tupac, Kevin Gates

Tell me about the first song you ever made. Was it a success or a failure in your opinion?
My first song that I made was called Day Ones , Back in November of 2016 , and in my opinion it was a success cause it was a growing step , anything that helps you evolve into something better is never a failure

What haven’t you attempted yet that you hope to?
I haven’t attempted to perform in front of a live Audience yet

What is next? What do you want your supporters to know about you?
Next, tbh Just know there are more mixtapes on the way, ( Season Of Pain 3 and Roses For Her, etc )

I want my supporters to know that imma keep my foot on the pedal and never quit until I reach the level of greatness

Twitter @imkatajikfisher
Instagram @iamkatajikfisher

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