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INTERVIEW with Vernon Little – Artist/Singer/Rapper

Vernon Little

Vernon Little has just released an amazing new single “The Chance To Tell You” off his new EP entitled “Double Minded.” Hailing from the Bronx, New York, Vernon Little is a Holy Hip-Hop artist releasing the best Gospel inspired Hip-Hop you will ever hear. It’s is actually just great Hip-Hop, but because of it’s Gospel twist, Little has coined his own genre, Holy Hip-Hop. It works, the music is infectious, inspirational, fun, and has a great message to boot.

We had a chance to talk with Vernon Little!


Which artists have been the greatest influence on your musical evolution?

LL Cool J, Rakim, Nas, Lecrae, Mary Mary, etc.

Which track on “Double Minded” EP did you have the most fun recording? “The Chance To Tell You”

What do you hope that listeners take away from their encounter with your EP?

Positive vibes. I also hope that it’s a source of encouragement to those who need it.

What were your intention behind the song and its lyrics, and was it directed at any particular person on your single “The Chance To Tell You?”

My musical journey started back in the mid-1980’s when it was harder to get a record deal. I was targeting all of the dream chasers out there who’ve waited for years, or even decades for a platform to express themselves to the masses. It’s a little easier these days with the internet and social media.

I read that “The Chance To Tell You” is the song for which you are most known, but which song, in your opinion, is your best to date?

I believe that’s the one. I usually close with it when performing.

Is there an experience you can share about how you have directly helped someone through your music?

The title track of my EP talks about negative behaviors that counter positive one’s. A few people have told me that they can relate to some of the lyrics, but one guy in particular was moved to stop smoking cigarettes because of the song.

What is your biggest dream in life?

To travel the world and spread my positive vibes to as many people as I possibly can.


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