INTERVIEW with Jade Alice

Jade Alice

Jade Alice is an electro-pop singer-songwriter/producer with a love for lush harmony and anything with potato in it. Her day dreamy songs are glazed with a silky, sparkling voice, each one capturing a unique feeling and moment in time. Honeyed in melodies, her feel-good lyrics could make the grumpiest cat

Interview With HipHop Artist Dukki Boi

Dukki Boi

Dukki Boi is a hip hop artist from New Orleans, La. Dukki Boi is a true and pure artistic product of the “Big Easy”. With a calculated yet melodic flow, you’ll experience a gumbo pot of emotions as a listener. Be apart of the passion, pain, late-night parties, fatherhood, relationships,

INTERVIEW with Vinesh Johny

Vinesh Johny

Vinesh Johny is Asia’s top pastry chef, Forbes Under 30 Asia 2016. CNN 20 under 40 and Expert for WorldSkills India.  As co-founder of Lavonne Academy of Baking Sciences & Pastry Arts, India’s first international baking academy, he is an industry pioneer bringing a world-class education to the country he