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INTRODUCING: American hip hop artist Sean “Cos” Mason, aka Sean M

Sean “Cos” Mason, aka Sean M, is an American hip hop artist, rapper, TV and social media personality, from Montclair in New Jersey. He initially gained attention online after discussing his former career as a battle rapper promoter.

Today, he is signed to his Independent Label, Noneillah Entertainment, and is becoming a trendy hip-hop artist.

As of 2020, Sean Cos Mason’s net worth is estimated at $10 million, and he is not married.No doubt will Sean Cos Mason’s net worth figure increase within the next couple of years.

Early Life
Sean “Cos” Mason was born Deshon, on the 5th March 1990, in Newark, New Jersey. His father is a Mixed race, and her mother Native America/ Irish/Trinidadian.

As a teenager, he was a member of the Ice Grill music group and has previously stated rap battling since the age of 15. He attended Montclair High School for Law, and he was in the Honor Society. In Mount Hebron Middle School, he was in Chorus and Visual Art program. Sean Cos Mason briefly worked at Camp Brett-Endeavor as a chief counselor, before he worked at Home Depot at 20 years old.

Sean Cos Mason worked at Home Depot to help support his mother, who was in a car accident because Bloomfield NJ police were in a high-speed chase. He worked and attended Kean University/Essex County College major in Business Finance.

Sean Cos Mason’s music career began in late 2008 at 17 years old. He wrote his first song “Life Hurt” In 2007, he releases his first mixtape 2011, and in November of the same year, he was one of the featured hip-hop/ rap artists at Real Deal Radio.

In 2012, he released his second mixtape, and only a month later, he signed to his own Independent Noneillah Entertainment Label. Sean Cos Mason has become a social media personage after many of his videos went viral on Instagram, and his music career took off in 2018.

Since beginning his career, he collaborated with well-known underground artists like Mike Larry Drew, Kyzer, D’Boy, and many more.

What is Sean Cos Mason, aka Sean Mason’s net worth?
As of 2020, Sean Cos Mason’s would have been a net worth is $10 million from his music and Noneillah Trademark Businesses.
What is Sean Cos Mason’s other business is under the Noneillah Brand?
As of 2002, the Noneillah Brand went from Noneillah music to Noneillah Entertainment Blog, Nonillaah Entertainment Blog, Noneillah Entertainment Roku Streaming Channel, Noneillah Collection, Noneillah Podcast, and Noneillah Talk Show YouTube, Noneillah Talk Show Princeton Television.

Here are some of the best highlights from Sean Cos Mason’s career:
· Released first mixtape (2011)
· Featured hip-hop/rap artist at Real Deal Radio (2011)
· Joined MTV online music group (2012)
· Music Video Debut (2012)
· Signed to his Independent Noneillah Label (2012)
· Music Play overseas on Tone flam (My World and Get It, Good Night, 2018)
· Landed a Spot as the ‘Viral Sound-Best Artist Of The Week” (2019)
· Landed a Spot-on Music Video Star (2019)

Favorite Quotes from Sean Cos Mason
1. I live and breathe music.

2. I do not allow music to control me; I control the music.

3. I was born to make music.

4. Music is the message that comes from my soul and the most profound thought from the spiritual world.

5. Writing music is my reason to wake up every morning.

6. Music and fashion speak volumes about your style.

10 Lessons for Success from Sean Cos Mason

Now you know all about Sean Cos Mason’s net worth and his story, check out some of his biggest lessons in success, compiled from many of his past interviews. Here are the top 10 success lessons from Sean Cos Mason:

1. Grind hard for your dreams
In his interview, Sean Cos Mason states that he is going to grind hard for his dream, first by changing his stage, music sound, and name so it can be markable and relatable. So, when you listen to his music, you will always think of him. You should not put your dream in other people’s hands; you must take control of your goal.
2. Keep certain words out of your vocabulary
You should not let the four-letter “words it’s is too hard” to be a part of your vocabulary because there is nothing hard in the world; it is just changeling. With motivation, determination, belief in yourself, and well-power, you can overcome any obstacle. Once you put your thought in motion, you will become a beckon of light. You will inspire others and show them whatever you put your mind to it can be done.
Many of the people you prove wrong, might just change their minds, and be inspired to work harder on their own goals.
3. Network
Network with the right influencer and positive mind people because connecting with the right people is crucial for success. You need to surround yourself with people who will elevate you, and help you get to the next level of your career and life.
4. Be diligent in putting extra work
It’s that extra 1% a day that results in success. In Sean Cos Mason’s music “My World” lyrics, he said he has no time to talk until his record gets to spend.
5. Make sure you have room to grow and invest in yourself-be your boss
Grow as an individual, grow as a business person, grow your skills and your level of discipline. Just keep growing. You should never want to be compliant or stagnant when it comes to better yourself as an artist and a business entrepreneur. You should always rise like a Phoenix
6. Life is just like games of chess if you play the game right
Sean Cos Mason elaborated on how it’s essential to strategically play the game of life right to get into hip hop at the right time and become a hit success.
He already had a thousand followers on his social media before hip hop and was offered a music contract at the age of 16, but he turned it down. Sean turned the opportunity down because he thought it might ruin his chances at hip hop.
7. Work with people that believe in you and have your best interest in heart
Sean Cos Mason works with people and artists who believe in his work and want to get involved with his work. People who want money to be featured on his songs don’t sit well with Sean.
8. Learn how to deal with haters
I always live by this lesson, because it’s real in almost every case of someone trying to go against the grain and stop your bag. If you’re trying to do something big, risky, or rare to be achieved, people won’t always support you, and those people might even be your family. That’s why Sean Cos Mason says you need to learn how to deal with your haters.
9. Have a taste of class
Be delicate with the way you deliver things, and Sean Cos Mason references to talk show hosts and bloggers who often destroy rappers or celebrities in their articles instead of writing the content on somebody in an ethical way.
10. Enjoy life
Enjoy life! Life is too short. You can be here in a second and gone in a minute; that’s the most important thing. Do not be scared to step out of your comfort zone and chase after your dream. It is vital to carry out your dreams because you do not want to look back when you are older and regret not following your dream. You don’t want to be doing something you do not like while your time on this earth.

Sean Cos Mason is an up and coming hip hop artist, and in 2020, Sean Cos Mason’s net worth would have been estimated to be $10 million. However, his mother is trying hard to oversee his Noneillah Brand, so it can be doubled from last year and guaranteed to increase this year if she keeps her focus to grow his brand by collaborating with the right investor.

You can listen to Sean Cos Mason aka Sean Mason music on Spotify , Apple Music , iTune, Tidal, Amazon, iHeart Radio, Google Play, Deezer, Pandora and YouTube .

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