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INTRODUCING: Andrea Desmond

Who is Andrea Desmond?


With music at the forefront of her life, and singing as her main passion, Andrea Desmond has paved her way up the ranks as an award-winning pop singer and songwriter and has recently secured a deal with Love Harmony Records and Creative Music Agency. If you are looking for conscious and thoughtful lyrics, a calming yet uplifting sound and positive vibes, then look no further as Andrea has all these important qualities on the top of her priority list when it comes to making music for you to enjoy. Having the incredible Alan Menken, the Oscar winning composer of Disney classics from Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin, as her cousin, guide and coach, has given Andrea the solid foundations that she needed to take her career from one success to the next.

So, who is Andrea and where did her passion for music stem from?


Andrea has always been passionate concerning music, and she worked hard to achieve a Bachelor’s Degree in Music involving a strong emphasis on composition. Following her degree completion, Andrea went on her travels as a keyboard player and singer within a cover band, performing along the California and Nevada casino routes. Andrea continued for a few years but after a while she did not want to be restricted to playing or singing other people’s music and songs, and she did not want to be bound by the limits of another person’s band, so she took a courageous and risky leap in to a solo independent career in music. This was probably the turning point of her life and the best decision she ever made!


In 2012 Andrea moved to Seattle and formed her own band and continued to develop and improve her own sound and writing style with high class accredited local producer Martin Feveyear. She was nicknamed within the city as ‘Seattle’s Indie Pop Sweetheart’ and started growing her fan base at good speed. Seattle Wave Radio impressively commented that they could recognize how her career had got off to an amazing start and they’d be seeing a lot more of her in the near future!


In 2013, Desmond was given a contract with indie label Spectra Records where she was able to create and release her EP Open Spaces. During this time, she was nominated for various awards, regarding her songs and her album, including gaining first place in the Eco Arts Awards: Songs of Freedom Competition. Many compared her to Lily Allen and Adele, recognizing her true potential and giving her the reviews and compliments that she had worked so hard to achieve.

In 2014, Desmond, looking to take her career one step further moved over to Los Angeles where she performed regularly at the House of Blues and linked up with John ‘Sly’ Wilson, songwriter for Justin Timberlake, who offered his expert constructive advice. From starting out as a piano and vocal instructor, adding in some songwriting coaching, she then excelled and began to build a musical foundation in the Los Angeles area.


What is Andrea up to now?


Now you have heard a bit about her history, it’s time we focused on the present. Andrea Desmond has recently released her brand-new single, Inner Fire, which portrays a new era for her sound as a pop artist. She carried out a debut performance of the song at ‘VIP’s of House of Blues Anaheim’ to open a Regina Spektor Concert. Not only this but she has also done interviews for IHeart Radio and KissFM regarding the new track, increasing her coverage and helping to grow her fan base as people become more aware of her beautiful sounds and thought-provoking lyrics.


Andrea is currently recording new music with her producers and team, ready to grace your ears with more passionate and positive sounds. Since ‘Inner Fire’ was released, she has been mentioned in various articles written by ABC News, NBC News, Skope Entertainment, Industry Top 100, Hot New Artist, Vents Magazine and many many more.


Andrea’s music is also making its way into the tv industry. Her songs were recently licensed with the Discovery Network (including partners such as the Oprah Winfrey Network and TLC), the PBS Series “Road Trip Nation”, and with Magical Elves, production company behind shows such as “Top Chef”.


If you haven’t already, have a listen to some of Andreas music and notice as it uplifts you from feeling in a state of darkness, to a newfound sense of hope and joy. Not only is her sound incredible, but the person she is within is also admirable. Andrea’s soul is of pure kind hearted and compassionate empathy, and this is displayed in the lyrics she shares with you. Andrea has a bright future and this is just the beginning.


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