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INTRODUCING Indie artist Tiahzzi Cherrelle

Indie artist Tiahzzi Cherrelle is really surprised by her growing notoriety of her music released on
Soundcloud. Once of her current songs “Hooker Red” has over 300,000 plays while songs “Sugar and Spice” and “Paper Doll” is nearing 1 million plays. Her Reverbnation page has over 90,000 fans.

“I NEVER knew the interest from listeners would get this big,” Tiahzzi replied. “I have almost 200 songs I have written since 2008; they’re like stories. Some of the romance, some goth, Gospel, and dance. I wrote “Hooker Red” back in 2015. It refers to a sexy red outfit hooking men’s attention.

It’s a deep house party track.” She plans to have stage performances in the future. She still remembers her very first stage performance. “My first stage performance was at Dragon Con Karaoke in Sept 2008 to the songs “Be my Lover” by La Bouche and “Nasty Boys” by Janet Jackson. The audience really loved it and it encouraged me to perform my own songs at various open mic nights. Typically open mic nights have 20 or less people in the audience. But luckily Tiahzzi participated in open mic nights and showcases with 50 to even 300 in attendance. Now in 2017, she has a couple of music videos, a Soundcloud and Reverbnation with her song listings. Tiahzzi is now becoming more comfortable with professional video shoots. “My first official one was in 2013. It was an amateur one I made in the living room called “Kisses and Misses”. I didn’t have any other videos until 3 years later.
I really procrastinated and really didn’t know what direction my music was headed. So in March 2016, I decided to try a professional video. On the set, I was nervous but excited. I made sure it would be easy to do; a couple of outfits with a few background scenes.
Does she plan on having her own show in the future? “I guess so, haven’t,” she says “I haven’t decided anytime soon. But I will keep participating in live special events.”

Her songs can be found on


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