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Jéssyka De Souza Fernandes (Originally born as Jessica) is a Mixed-race Recording Artist/Singer-Songwriter & Writer and is Professionally known as JAESSEY. She grew up most of her life in various places in the world, such as in South America, Brazil and Europe,Norway, been in a numbers of different places and cities including schools before she ended up in Norway, in 2001 some say 2003-2004, but been there for over 16 years (if not more, if possibly) living in Norway with different people during all these years and of all these years she remember being in
Brazil, Natal, Rio Grande Do Norte 1 time where she spent minimum 3 months or possibly more between 2004-2005
she was also in Sao Paolo during these months against her will. “I was in various places, i remember the airport in UK,
it was this huge clock outside the window in the city, but i could see it from the airport, and i remember thinking
while looking at it “i really wanna stay here”, but i couldn’t, this was on my way to Brazil and i was not alone,
i was younger and i was with a woman. There was also another airport i was at where they spoke
“Deutsch or German”.

JAESSEY never really knew her family well, she was told she have a brother that was a bit younger then her at the time they arrived together at Norway in 2001, it was told he was from ‘Rio De Janeiro’ and they were much at Rio De Janeiro, and also Santa Cruz and other places travelling together with their young mother named Rita before they moved from Brazil together, she said that she possibly remember her mother to be a doctor because she broke her whole leg as a younger child. “I remember when i broke my leg she was there and helped me, she was a great woman i think she also was a Christian”. We were in Rio De Janeiro many times, other places too, she took me to a hospital where i believe she worked to treat my broken leg, i was little and scared but i was also so happy when they said i could walk again”.

Her biological father, she did not see much after she moved to Europe, Norway, also not the rest of the “”family”” she had in Brazil, that she used to see before she moved away. But she remember well her mothers face, she said “she was a young and beautiful mother for me and my little brother and she showed how much she loved us, her voice was soft she never screamed once to any of us, i remember how happy we both were every-time we got to see her and be around her, my brother was younger at the time, he seems to be a little child, its very hard to guess age but he used to be running in the rooms in this house that we lived in to play hide and seek, i remember this big blue carpet upstairs on the floor where he used to play with his small sized car toys upon, and he was always very happy when we got visit from people”.

“There is one thing i remember well from that house in Finnöy. I remember specially the first teacher we had that was named “Margit” she was a teacher in the first norwegian school i remember we were in, its called “Haröy Skule and Ungdomsskule” it was the year of 2001 to 2003″. Her mother that married to a man she met in Brazil or according to herself it was possibly in Portugal, Santa Cruz as there is no beach in Santa Cruz in Rio De Janeiro according to people who is from Santa Cruz. “they were in an apartment when i saw him the first time, he was young and nice back then but my mother looked much younger, me and my younger brother was there, and it was on a nice beach, we were running and were happy we were even eating hot dogs, it was a beautiful night i remember it so well now as an young adult, specially with some help from others who knows a bit of the story”.

JAESSEY learned fast Norwegian in a early age as a teen. between 2001-2003 she and her younger brother had a great teacher named Margit, that learned them both to speak and write Norwegian, also their mother Rita helped them to not forget their principal language which was Portuguese, she helped them at home. Her mother seems to understand and speak pretty well beside Portuguese the following languages Italian, Spanish, English, Norwegian and possibly a little bit French. Which is some of the same skills that JAESSEY has today, “i believe i got it from my young mother, but this was not the same women i remember to be a doctor. also no one told me ever that i and my young brother was adopted, ever. It was confirmed from Norway to me that it was no adoption at least not legally at all. I understand well Spanish and i didn’t even study it to understand what i understand today, Spanish people them-self tell me that i can speak and write great in Spanish, when i heard that i was like, really? wow.. i mean i speak multi languages, i believe that the songs my mother listened to helped me somehow to teach some Italian and French words, the music she mostly listened to were most all in Italian, Spanish and English, also some in Portuguese. I remember i also learned a little bit from her she seemed to know much more then i did back than, she was very intelligent, she was cool and i was proud to have her as my mother she was so young and pretty, i wish i had more time with my mother, but the truth is i dont even know if she’s alive”.

JAESSEY can sing and speak well in Portuguese, Spanish, English, also after all these years she learned not just to speak well Norwegian but she can also write in all these languages pretty well and understands a little bit of Swedish and Danish. JAESSEY grew up in small islands that no one could ever believe someone could live in (It is 2 isolated islands connected to each other that lies in the middle of the sea) and its called ” Myklebost, Haröy and Finnöy all 3 in “Möre og Romsdal” in “Sandöy Kommune”, Norway, Europe. Just 5-10 minutes with a ferry from that island lies another isolated place called “Fjörtoft”, another island she spend allot of her time in around the year of 2001-2003, specially.

JAESSEY also played a lot of football in various team some with boys and girls. After a long time moving from place to places JAESSEY always knew what she wanted to be and study since she was a little child, finally she got into her dream school, one of the best or if possible the best school in Norway for those who chose to go direction “Music, Dance and Drama” or the “Sport” direction, the school is named “Heimdal Videregäende Skole” (Heimdal High School) and it’s in Trondheim, Norway. She studied “Music, dance and drama (with music), same school that many other Norwegian artists also went to just before they also did succeed. Just like JAESSEY also had been in idol, so had many others before her from “Heimdal Videregäende Skole”, they had all even the same teacher as JAESSEY had, some of these Norwegian artists that today are also well known and succeed from Heimdal High School are Aleksander With, Margaret Berger, and Vivian Sörmeland.

JAESSEY was in idol in 2012 and she started her professional career after a song contest in the beginning of 2013 where she got to meet other musicians and got soon and idea after how to write songs by her own. She wrote over 30 lyrics and some of these was released after she got to meet and work professionally with a talented and professional German Producer who lives in Germany, he was since 2014 been her producer and still is the day today. JAESSEY then together with her producer and 2 others from Soultop MG in Trondheim worked together, released five of her songs named “Break Down This Wall”, “Human Road”, “Love Curse”, “Cant Stand”, and finally the latest “Not Gonna Lose Control”.

JAESSEY decided around 2017 to leave her music career for different reasons, one of the reason was because of her faith, she said clearly that she did not want to accept any glory, fame or worship to herself as a Christian, she made the decision short time after she had found this new evangelist church from Brazil through the internet, where she got to get in contact with, one of them was the pastor of the church and also some of the other members for a while, the church is set to be from Rio De Janeiro, she was a follower of this church and their teaching for nearly 2 years, she left in 2019 around October. It was a short time after when she found out after strong life experiences that she was ready to come back again for the music, and she came back in December 2019, she is very happy that she is finally back again to her music career and finally reached out to her producer in Germany about the news and her network in the music industry.

JAESSEY says clearly that even though she left this church and their doctrine doesn’t mean that she left her faith in Christ, she has always been a strong and faithful Christian her whole life and got full of life experiences in her life with God that she would like to share sometime, and she is also planning to Worship God through gospel music in a band beside her artist solo career, she said clearly “Even though i left this doctrine and church does it not mean that i want to accept any kind of glory, praise or worship to myself, the focus and target is to help as many people as possible through my own personal music, lyrics and personal life experiences through my writings, for all kind of ages, Christians or not, i dont judge as a Christian, like many do out there in churches, i have been through it all myself so i know what I’m talking about, and this gift given from heavenly Father God will be used to praise him through worship songs from my whole heart, soul and strength, that is what i wanna do possibly in a Christian band beside my solo artist career, and that solo career that i happily came back for the year of 2019 was only to help others, not to accept the glory, praise and worship for myself, but to help others instead, because this is and was always the plan from the beginning of”.



It feels great if there’s one thing I felt in my life I was born to do
is to help others, especially through the gifts I got, first of all through
my own music, the singing, songwriting, generally just the writing
also you know.

That is to identify myself no matter what other names I was known under. It is an incredible story even for myself what I found out last year (2019) and why I prefer to never use my own name.

The world we live today Christianity would be a tittle, so I do not describe myself normally to people like “oh hi I’m a Christian” that’s why my music will NEVER be gospel. However, I do believe in the Holy Trinity, and I respect ALL religion. I do not judge, and that’s what I call Christianity, to not judge but to love instead.

Wow, that was a great one… so many things I could say, let me pick the one where a woman who worked at a place I lived in Volda, Norway said to me “You’re the strongest person I’ve ever known”, she is not my mother, but I saw the tears in her eyes as she said this and I felt love, real love, and how she saw the unfairness in our world, Miranda is her name. I love her as a friend, and I will never forget her.

I can say simply this, everything I write is from my heart, my feelings, I write what I live that’s one of my principal and motto. As one of my friend, who also sings once said “Writing is therapy”, and I agree with her.

Yes, I love it because just like God used others to help me through their music back when I needed it most as a teen, today my dream became true, I am an Artist, myself writing my own music, lyrics to help others to go through whatever it might be, but in really hard times music helps.

*Laugh* well if I got the title of the story and of course it is extremely emotional only I know my story but, I would need to play myself however we would need teens and kids to play me as a child, kid, teen back then.


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