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INTRODUCING: Jordan LaFaver’s First Album to be ‘EXPLICIT’

Diary of Snow‘s vocalist may release his debut EP as a solo artist as early as this year, according to comments made during a recent interview. In a more surprising twist, Jordan LaFaver revealed the EP would contain the first records he’s ever made that would need to be labeled “explicit” by music providers.

“Diary of Snow has always been pretty safe, even though I never actually planned it that way,” LaFaver said. “There isn’t any swearing or explicit content, mostly because DOS is more meant to help or inspire people, as opposed to my solo music which is just for fun.” According to Jordan, even Lipstick Stains (his first single released last December) was originally going to be uncensored, but the only expletive in the song was edited to help it’s radio accessibility.

However, he says the same censorship won’t translate to the finished product. “There are several songs on the EP dealing with either ‘risky’ subjects, or have explicit lyrics. Nothing too crazy, but it’s definitely different than my band. I considered having a clean version of each song, but I feel that would take away from them. I record most of my music with few written lyrics, so it’s always kind of raw and I like it that way.”

If the success of Lipstick Stains is any indication, fans of Diary of Snow are taking a liking to the more “mature” 23 year old. While Jordan remains an unsigned artist (operating under his own Snowbound Records), for someone completely on their own he continues to gain attention, and we look forward to seeing what happens next.

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