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Jordan LaFaver Confirms 2018 Album

Jordan LaFaver

After numerous cancelations, setbacks and unfulfilled promises, pop artist Jordan LaFaver confirmed what many fans have been hoping in a recent interview; his debut album should appear in the latter half of this year after 4 years in development. Speaking with Exposed Vocals, the former Diary of Snow vocalist openly admits he’s prematurely announced the album several times already. “In 2015 I said the album would come out the following year, then again in 2017,” he confessed. “I definitely had the content ready, but I vastly underestimated how much it takes financially to do this the right way.”


This interview is by far his most in-depth since pausing his band in 2014, diving into his roots and inspirations, as well as his plans for the immediate future. He dishes on the reason behind his Pierce The Veil tattoo, possible touring and his admiration for Drake. The biggest and most exciting revelation, however, is a rumored EP already in the works after this year’s debut album. Still talking about upcoming releases, LaFaver goes on to say the untitled EP may release in 2019.


This would be a substantial change of pace for the 25-year-old singer, who’s only released three tracks as himself since 2015, and only considers one of them to be representative of his true sound. He claims the first two of his three singles, Lipstick Stains and Salem, are tests of his various new directions as an artist. Real, his latest single and the only official preview of his new album, is in his own words “the first track I’ve made that fully represents” what he can do. The song currently sits at 54k views on Youtube, making it Jordan’s second most successful behind the previous Salem.


Aside from this announcement, longtime fans of LaFaver may already know he’s been releasing teasers of new music on Instagram (@diaryofsnow) for months. On January 6th, a short clip appeared of a track titled “Loud” that according to the caption is a 2018 release, and in the two months prior he posted other snippets and studio clips that one could speculate will appear on one of these upcoming projects. A song preview also appeared two days later in the form of a parody/flip of the Cartoon Network series Regular Show. Some of these videos also made an appearance on his less followed Twitter.


In regard to the aforementioned Loud clip, it seems the young artist’s sound and content have both matured. Back in 2016, it was reported that his debut album would be explicit and require a parental advisory label; the first time in his career this would be necessary. These recent snippets prove he’s indeed headed deeper into the new-school market; the Loud clip even clearly states “Mature Content,” and the album art displays an explicit content warning.


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