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Jordan LaFaver Throws Shade In New Song


For over a month, former Diary of Snow vocalist Jordan LaFaver teased the release of his second single, promoting it as a Halloween themed song to fit the season. What we weren’t expecting was for the song to be as diverse (and frankly as good) as it is. While definitely incorporating some seasonal metaphors, the new school (almost trapsoul) record drips with passive aggression and clearly throws shade back to a bitter ex.

Released at midnight on October 31st, Salem is a clear and distinct departure from not only Diary of Snow’s clean and cute lyrics, but even LaFaver’s last song, Lipstick Stains. Although in previews and interviews he played it off as an old single he finally decided to release, he excitedly admits the song is the first official representation of the direction his career will take.

“Yes, this is a song written over a year ago, but we remade it to fit the rest of my album; and I think I kinda shocked some people with my new style,” he told us. “Most of my friends liked Lipstick Stains, but when they heard Salem they couldn’t believe it was me. I think the song has something for everyone and I’m so happy with what people have said about it!”

Dissapointingly, he refused to tell us exactly who the song is written about. “It’s pretty much the male equivelant of a Taylor Swift song, but I try to separate my personal and professional life. When you date any kind of creative type you’re bound to become incorporated in that, but it’s not my style to publicly call people out like that. It’s all in good fun and I hope she wouldn’t take it too personally.”



Good fun or not, Salem is an exciting example of what’s to come for the 24 year old solo artist. Keep up with Jordan on Facebook and Instagram!

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