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Juliett Novak releases an energetic summer single in two versions.

Juliett Novak is an up-and-coming singer from Slovakia, currently living in Belgium. The young artist started her career five months ago when she released three music videos. Today she’s bringing two new videos.

After releasing her first song, “Work It Out”, Juliett is introducing her energetic new song ,,Pap pa-rap” in two versions. Version 1 is the older one, and it was produced by Grammy-nominated producer Arty Skye in New York. Later Juliett added a few things to this version like saxophone parts, piano parts, and scratches. She even changed the tempo. All of this was done so that the sound would correspond closer to her ideas. She made some small adjustments to the original, but then she decided to create a second version altogether. Both Versions are produced in hip-hop style.

Her videos are full of energy, fun, and joy.

Version 1 was filmed in Washington and New York, and Juliett dubbed the song “Street Party” because the video turned into just that while filming on the streets of both cities.

In the video, the singer is seen approaching dancers and saxophonists, forming an immediate connection and creating spontaneous fun and joy.

Version 2 was cast in Brussels, where Juliett currently resides and Juliett dubbed the song ”The Strength”. The video reflects the singer’s view of pure happiness and joy in daily life. Dancing dominates both videos, alternating between ballet and hip-hop. This illustrates the singer’s artistic transition from classical music to pop. The video culminates in a dance club in front of an enthusiastic audience.

Juliett takes control of the complex production of both her music and her videos. This is unusual in a field that requires a team of people but she is able to manage it all really well by herself.

Juliett graduated from the Conservatory and the Academy of Music in Slovakia. After graduating she worked as a music teacher. Seven years ago she moved to the USA because her husband was studying law at Harvard University. This is where she began composing her own songs. She attended workshops at Berklee and was a member of the Harvard Gospel Choir. Later she started giving solo performances. She has performed in Washington, D.C., Boston, and Brussels, where she currently resides. Juliett is working on her new songs and is planning to release an EP called Follow Your Dreams at the end of the year.

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