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Justin Bieber and Lazer cold water remake leaked.

Tedious Tina major-lazer-cold-water you remake leaked the remix by CJ stain of the smash hit pop song ‘Cold Water’ by Justin Bieber, has surfaced online.

Clips of the remix originally surfaced on YouTube some three months ago, receiving positive reviews and feedback from bloggers and fans online.

CJ Stain rose to prominence in 2015 with his classic remix of the smash hit ‘Gemini good thing’. CJ Stain has been renowned for his music which takes on a wide spectrum of societal issues and struggles with the human condition.

The initial clips of the remix on YouTube sparked legal drama with the record label who wanted to secure the monetization rights to their artist’s intellectual property.

The clip went viral in its short lifespan online receiving thousands of views from fans before being withdrawn by YouTube moderators. The singer’s label negotiated an agreement for monetization after all CJ stain label taking legal recourse to find the individual who leaked the song out.

If you want to find the latest news about the artist CJ Stain you find him on Twitter or search the phrase ‘CJ Stain – Slightest Insight’ about what we can expect from his artist CJ stain artistry.

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