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KONSTANTINOS DILZAS presents a New Top Hit Version of “SEALED WITH A KISS” – Interview

Konstantinos Dilzas, the Greek producer / singer presents a new version of an all time classic love-hit “Sealed with a kiss”. The song was originally performed by “The Four Voices” in 1960 but topped the charts one year later (1961) performed by Brian Hyland. Jason Donovan also released a cover of this song in 1989 which became an international hit. Now, Konstantinos presents a new 2019 version, his warm voice reaching out especially to people who are (or they wanna be) in love, as he released the song on St. Valentine’s Day.

The song was produced by Kosdil, recorded and mixed by Petros Petropoulos at Polyphoniki Studio Athens and the Lyrics video clip was made by Lucia Maher (ex LM World UK).

We asked Konstantinos some questions in a mini – Viber interview and here is what he said:

– Hi Konstantinos! You always surprise us with your song choices. A super Latin track, some great covers of Greek songs, super covers of Italo Disco songs, wonderful remixes and also a collection of great EDM songs / poems. (Many EDM sites have characterized you as the innovator of Spoken music to the EDM community). What about this new cover?

– Thank you so much for your kind words. I do like all the covers I make, but this song is one of my favorites. I started working on it 4 months ago. I loved this song back in the 80’s when Jason Donovan made the PWL cover! It is not an easy song to perform, so I recorded it many times until I achieved the desired result. Also, this song makes me cry, so I had to stop the recording sessions many times, because I couldn’t perform with tears in my eyes. But now I am very satisfied with the final result. It brings to mind special moments in my life and now, hearing my own version, I still cry.

– 2 years ago you managed to enter USA iTunes Latin Chart with the song “Petra & Efhi”. How did this happen?

– Yes, my second single entered the iTunes Latin USA Chart and the Global iTunes Latin Chart. First of all, the production of the song was really good, covering international standards, then it was characterized by the sound of the accordion, (which was something innovative for a Latin track) and finally I used all my marketing knowledge to promote this single in the right way and the result was that I FINALLY DID IT!!

– You have presented us with some great covers of ITALO DISCO dance tracks. “In the Dark” feat. Angie Dylan, “Innocent Love” feat. Sandra, “Bad Boy” and Disco remixes of Petra & Efhi. You are characterized as one of the new age best Italo Disco producers! Tell us somethings about that.

– I love the 80’s Italo Disco Music. This is a mythical period for me, because I was a child then, and as a child I was not allowed by my family to go to discotheques etc. so I waited impatiently for new releases. I loved the maxi singles.
I was always searching for new remixes and since in the last few years there have not been many new covers released, I decided to cover my favorite ones!

– You have also made some great EDM tracks and the famous “Electronic Rush” has written an article referring to you as introducing the spoken word to EDM.

– Yes, I am very proud of those tracks. They are based on poems written by me during a very sad period of my life and their success led me to producing many of them in English, translated by Tina Refenes. Although this period of my life has passed I am thinking of bringing out some new EDM tracks in the future.

– Oh, that’s fine, and our last question. What can we expect from you in the near future?

– Well, I will finish more covers of Greek Songs, I will make a brand new cover of “Venus” (the Bananarama version), I will do more tracks for my acapella sessions, and I will start working on a brand new single composed especially for me by the famous Greek Pop/Rock star Sofia Arvaniti.

– Great! Thank you so much Konstantinos and we wish you good luck with all your projects and especially with this wonderful cover of “Sealed with a kiss”.



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