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Luna 13, Black Metal for Juggalos

The Regent, a power music venue in Los Angeles, had its stage ‘bass’ shaken by edgy controversial underground artists. The theater became a sort of horror circus to welcome hundreds of fans of the Juggalo world and its kings: Insane Clown Posse.

The hip-hop duo, composed of Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope, co-founder of Psychopathic Records, chose The Regent to celebrate the release of their fifteenth studio album, Fearless Fred Fury.
The release party presented many musical guests, including Black/Bass/Metal duo Luna 13, who were direct support for ICP.
Already blowing up in Hollwood CA, due to sharing the stage with names like Mushroomhead, Possessed, and ICP, it is no suprise that they will be the main support on tour with horror-rapper artist Razakel. Luna 13 is finding themselves at home among the Juggalo world! Their formation, composed of DJ/producer Dr Luna and singer Lilith Bathory, was recognized as familiar by the hip-hop audience, although their sound is more oriented towards the worlds of Black Metal. Is Luna 13’s new sound called ‘Black/Bass/Metal’ Black Metal for Juggalos? It is a strange relationship that seems to work. In fact, their set was so successful that the audience saluted them with the chant “Family,” which means “You are one of us” in the Juggalo culture.

‘Live Photos by Abraham Preciado’ ‘Live Photos by Abraham Preciado’

Luna 13 has a lot in common with that world. First of all, they are not afraid of writing horror-themed lyrics. Their image on stage, with a scary mask for Dr Luna and some heavy white make-up for Lilith (all too familiar to Juggalos), is also a perfect fit for the context.
“The Regent is possibly the best venue we’ve ever played in LA CA,” says Dr Luna after the show, “and it was packed!”
The event line-up presented mostly DJs and hip-hop artists (including Low Vibe Clique and Lil Eazy E, which were both mind blowing as well and ICP’s 30 min set was off the charts!!!), but despite being an exception in terms of musical genre, Luna 13 were warmly accepted as part of the Juggalo ritual that took place on one of the more famous stages in Los Angeles.

‘Live Photos by Abraham Preciado’
‘Live Photos by Abraham Preciado’

This incredible night of horrorcore, hip-hop, EDM, and Metal showed that good music has no borders, nor genre prejudices. Wherever there is authenticity and the will to produce something good, there is greatness…and fun too!


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