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Meet The Next Generation Artist Cameron Nino

We were recently introduced to a young musician – CAMERON NINO, who is making an impressionable mark in the music industry.

At the young age of 13, CAMERON NINO is currently the lead vocalist and guitarist for Seventh Nova – a Los Angeles based music project.


CAMERON NINO was born in Los Angeles, California on November 25, 2003.

photo: Michael Vincent
photo: Michael Vincent

He is an outgoing, friendly and exuberant musician, breakout entertainer, recording artist, singer, songwriter, guitarist & producer who at 13 years of age has performed on some large stages and entertained hundreds of people at festivals, private venues and clubs. To see Cameron perform is unlike any other experience as you will forget his age as you remain fixated and thrilled by his energy and enthusiasm.

As we spoke with him, it became evident that Cameron is a philanthropist at heart and puts his convictions into action by seeking out and helping organizations that serve people in need. His empathy for people in general is quite remarkable for a person his age. He recently donated a significant sum to an organization that serves children in Kenya, and had previously donated his time and talent to other organizations that serve children in the United States. His current single is dedicated to one of these organizations, and any proceeds from the song will be donated to that organization.

Cameron also talked at length about sustainable practices and lifestyles, citing electric vehicles as a step in the right direction. In his song, he talks about “rolling down the strip with a Tesla grip”, in reference to the auto manufacturer. His first song – “Back in the Day”, which was written in 2011, discusses the environment at length. In that song, he advised that people should “live like back in the day when Dinosaurs roamed the earth”. In that song, he continues on rapping: “Don’t live black, live green.”

So, we wanted to know how he got started with music. Cameron revealed to us that in 2012, while volunteering at the pastries and sweets booth at the Blessed Sacrament Carnival and Food Festival, he was asked if he wanted to go on stage and play the Star Spangled Banner on his acoustic guitar. He had just learned the song about a week before the event. He agreed to do so. He enjoyed the experience a lot. In 2013, the Carnival organizers invited him back. This time, a group of musicians was assembled to perform with him at the event. The group met for the first time on October 15, 2013 to begin rehearsing for the event. The event was a huge success, with the then unnamed group getting a prolonged ovation from the attendees. Ever since then, the organizers of the event have continued to invite Cameron Nino and his band Seventh Nova to perform every year.

At the 2013 event, Cameron Nino and his band did covers of The Beatles, Bob Marley, Black Sabbath and Bon Jovi, an eclectic mix that had the audience riveted as he went from playing his acoustic guitar to shredding Tony Iommi’s solo on Iron Man while singing Ozzie’s lines.

In early 2014, Cameron Nino caught the attention of John Branca, one of the founders of Club 42 (, a sports non-profit that provides opportunities for inner city youth to compete in Baseball at the same level as their peers in more affluent neighborhoods. Shortly after he caught Mr. Branca’s attention, in April of 2014, Johnny ‘Buc’ Lockwood, one of the co-founders of Club 42 invited Cameron to lead their effort in creating a mashup of select Michael Jackson and The Beatles songs. The resultant work was titled “All My People – A Tribute to Michael Jackson and The Beatles.” This body of work is available on Soundcloud. Cameron’s participation with Club 42 as a guest at their basketball tournaments afforded him the opportunity to meet and mingle with kids from inner city communities, an opportunity that he would never have had having spent his entire life in Laurel Canyon.

In addition to music, Cameron Nino has worked on a few film projects. He has worked with author and artist James Mihaley on a film based on Jim Mihaley’s book “You Can’t Have My Planet But Take My Brother, Please”. The book was listed as ‘Best Book of the Year 2013’ by the Bank Street College of Education in NYC. Currently, he is working on the theme song for a book by Newton Lee called “Google It.”

Recently, Cameron’s current release with is band – “ON THE FLOOR”, was selected to compete on the balloting for nomination for the Best Pop/Group Performance category in the 59th annual Grammy Awards. At the time of writing, the song is currently gathering votes for the first round of picks. One of the reviewers, Laura Sullivan, a Grammy Winning Composer and Billboard Top 10 Recording Artist commented about Cameron: “Wonderful to be introduced to Cameron and his music. He is a super star!!”

With a busy schedule like his, Cameron Nino still finds time to do fun things like producing YouTube content, playing video games, and basketball. He also loves to swim.

We believe that Cameron is set to attain stardom. We reckon he has the talent to go all the way!

The new single “On the floor”  by Cameron Nino and his band Seventh Nova is available at your favorite online music retailer, including iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

Cameron Nino is Our November/December 2016 Cover Star

TMN Magazine issue #2 / photo: Michael Vincent
TMN Magazine issue #2 / photo: Michael Vincent

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