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Mohit Soni Addresses the Challenges, Rewards of Producing “Ishq Nashila”

Burbank, CA – March 29, 2019 – Music videos by their very nature are designed to promote a song, but when they also carry a meaningful message it can make the production much more difficult. Add to that cold weather and a large crew to care for and the task is especially daunting. Yet, when Sapra, the creator of “Ishq Nashila,” approached Mohit Soni to produce the video, he welcomed the opportunity.

“I liked Sapra’s vision of creating awareness amongst youth about drug abuse with his funny, catchy song,” said Soni. “I liked that he wanted to tell a true story and his music is amazing. He came to me with a vision of spreading awareness through his song and I was hired due to the creative skills I brought to the table.”

“Ishq Nashila” is a Bollywood-style production that was released on Jan. 19, 2018 to massive interest and acclaim. It had 100,000 views in just two weeks on the Speed Records YouTube channel. The film short featured Sapa and Rey Fakhri in the starring roles and contained an anti-drug message.

“Sapra is an amazing talent to work with!” said Soni. “I also had the opportunity to work with the major Bollywood viral choreographers BFunk, and Michael Philpot, the owner of Studio 234 who is well-known for his historical Indian custom costuming.”

Soni is a native language speaker that facilitated communications between everyone involved in the enterprise. He also understands lyrics and music. His intimate understanding of the culture and working with a diverse range of people in multiple locations helped him mold everyone into a cohesive whole.

There were significant challenges, such as the cold weather and snow that doesn’t mix well with delicate and sensitive electronics, combined with a bone-chilling wind that made shooting uncomfortable for the large crew. Creating a video under those conditions is difficult, but even more challenging is conveying a meaningful message that resonates and is relatable to young people.

“Ishq Nashila” was a hit when it was released and added another credit to his list of accomplishments as a successful producer. His dramatic and comedic shorts include “Hinjews,” “Bridging Color,” “Wild Nights with Emily” and “Blood and Water” that were award-winners.

Soni also worked on the music video “Coco” that was released on the Pop Chartbusters YouTube channel of T-Series on Feb. 14, 2019. The video quickly garnered almost 100,000 views. His first music video was “Kalax: The Ride (Into the Midnight.)”

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