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Moving Mountains – Donald Benjamin

While artists like Luke Bryan and Florida-Georgia Line have been dominating today’s pop-infused country music landscape, a recent resurgence has been pushing the pendulum back to a more traditional and “outlaw” sound. This movement, spearheaded by the likes of Chris Stapleton, Cody Johnson and others has, also, given rise to more independent names being brought to the forefront. One such name is Donald Benjamin.

While no stranger to the limelight, as he has been on the national radar for some time, Donald has just released the single, “Moving Mountains.” If all you know about him is his previous single, “I Choose the Whiskey,” which was mildly successful on international radio, you will be greatly pleased by this follow-up release.

“Moving Mountains” is an impressive country music track. Combining his unforgettable vocals, crying steel guitar and lyrics that rip out the soul, it gives an emotion-pulling vibe that, in these times, everyone can relate to. For the most “old-school” country music fab, he continues to help push the resurgence. For today’s pop country fan, it’s just as enjoyable. Donald has himself a masterpiece which, we hope, the masses will gravitate towards.

In a world of lackluster music, few artists deliver a work of this caliber. He is “Moving Mountains.”


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