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MUSIC: Soundtrack Of Jumping the T Wall by Marino Alberti

Marino Alberti

Go back to look at the music, for talent today: Marino Alberti showed despite his young age big collaborations internationally as a singer, songwriter and performer, really rare qualities, characteristics that led him to travel the world including Europe and USA. qualitatively Mighty, strong studio REC, gives his best on the stage where sports personalities rock star. His idea to create a rebel soundtrack called “Jumping the T-Wall Soundtrack” with the clear purpose of provoking where the mother tongue is neither Mexican nor American, the songs are all high in bpm rate, tackling various sounds and words opposed, so as to experience lulled by the sensations. We followed Marino during the dates in Minneapolis, New York, Las Vegas and San Juan, memorable concerts and a mastery of enviable stage a cross between Mick Jagger and Adam Levine, we hope to see him back in our homeland.

Now the artist divides his time between Italy and France for his musical projects.

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