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MUSIC: Srdjan Brankovic’s Expedition Delta II

AlogiA’s founder Srdjan Brankovic has again proved his talent with the release of the latest album Expedition Delta II.

Expedition Delta II struck the strings of many hearts because of the well organized and a perfect blend of the rock music with the melodic guitar and keyboard metallic tones. It lightens the mind and makes it feel like you are on a soft cloud with melodious music that is providing pleasure to ears from the start to the end.

Every song feels like it has been given to most attentions and this is the reason that the hard work of the production team and the band has paid off in the form of high fan following. The album keeps everything in a perfect place with it soothing and enjoyable bass.

It can be regarded as the best album that will make you feel relaxed as its clean production makes the songs easy to understand and you will feel refreshed.

House of God

Now coming towards the individual songs when I heard House of God I felt that it was truly the highlight of the album. It’s amazing instruments and that perfect banging moment is the perfect display of the talent of every member of the band that has worked to make Expedition Delta II happen.

The One Who Lives a Dream

It is the perfect blend of the piano, guitar, and keyboard and with their unique vocals; you will see that how amazingly they have performed.

Female Vocals

In the songs like Fly with Me, Remember Me and Without You have taken the album to the completely new level. Especially in the song Fly with Me, Andjela Isic has won many hearts because once you listen to that part of the song it will mesmerize with such perfection that you can never have enough of it.

Therefore, Expedition Delta II is the unique mix of some traditional and modern rock tones with a blend of metal that you have heard never before.

Every song of the album deserves to be a hit and they should be often played on the radio. They are nothing like the mainstream vocals that we often hear. Expedition Delta II has a special blend and attraction in its songs that will make you feel that you can never stop listening to it.

Every song is so well played that I am excited to know what will be the next release of the band. I am sure that AlogiA will soon be on the road of success if they keep amazing the world with such remarkable hit songs.

I might get out of words but the appreciation of the album will not stop. I highly recommend this album if you are in search to hear something unique and extraordinary.


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