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Music Streaming Takes Over Downloads

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Will music industry survive piracy free market and drop of download sales? Music streaming platforms are the correct answer in time of changing tides. The music fans are wooed by allowing them to listen to the songs for free in ad revenue fueled models and paid premium plans that also open doors to the flood of independent musicians, unsigned by major music labels.
The best known indie music streaming platform is Soundcloud but Soundcloud doesn’t pay royalties to the contributors. Struggling Spotify has recently introduced new model for potential artists with the option to upload their music content themselves. Germany based Soundcloud is known for massive music library of independent musicians but the legal terms linked to royalties offered to them are tricky.
Awal works as boutique music label for independent but already established artists with high profile and bigger fan base, Amazon has became big player by launching ad free streaming service. Gracenote with world audience hopes to win over India and Selfifi Music wants to serve to all independent musicians. California based Gracenote provides music metadata to music labels and to the likes of Apple, Google, Spotify. Europe based Selfifi Music caters for unsigned artists and podcast and audio market, with 14 days free trial for listeners and an option for the independent artists to sell the music or stream it. The artists are paid royalties when they reach $50 threshold.
‘There is a land grab going on among music streaming companies and we want to be a part of that expansion,’ said Brian Hamilton Hamilton, GM of Music and Auto, Gracenote Worldwide. Netflix, Apple Music and Spotify struggle in foreign markets of Asia and Africa but cherrish in America and Europe.
‘I still think vast market share for independent artists. singers and bands,’ said the founder of Selfifi Music Marketa B. Linden W. ‘ We venture for adventure, not for artificial prosthetic dentures. The culture and internet are faster than major labels and it creates opportunities for under radar musicians to be discovered by fans and be heard. We give them voice. We are pioneers. Streaming has already topped music downloads and helped offset failing music sales.’

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