Debut Single Tony's first single 'SAD' debuted on 14/09/2018 and gained over 10,000 Streams in the first 3 weeks. 4ox! Music Tony Eason (4ox!), born Anthony Charles Eason is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter & producer from Christchurch, New Zealand. Tony has had a passion for all things music since a young age and has been

INTERVIEW with Cody Patrick – Resolve Media Group & Organic Music Marketing

Cody Patrick

Organic Music Marketing® is a marketing and promotions agency based in Atlanta, GA.  Have officially been ranked the #1 Best Music PR / Marketing Firm in the industry and their goal is to strictly offer marketing services to artists that truly deliver results and lead to a return on investment. We've got a chance to interview

HIPHOP: Octobor brings all sides together with new-age banger “Thing” [Music + Interview]


Right now, North Carolina is in a state of emergency. The monstrous Hurricane Florence is whipping towards the Tar Heel State, spurring mass panic and evacuation throughout the eastern south. Despite imminent catastrophe, one man in particular remains tucked in Willmington; comforting his mother, who refuses to flee. That man

INTRODUCING: Söur Bruthers

Söur Bruthers

Söur Bruthers add a touch of Country Twang to their highly polished Midwestern rock. The band's spirited guitar playing and harmony vocals are evident in this bands repertoire of songs, which includes fan favorite “Better Days”, a song that was also greeted with accolades - including 2017 Winner of the