INTERVIEW With Elliot Bamful (Empyreal Studios / Real Diamond Records)

Elliot Bamful

REAL Diamond Records was founded by Elliot Bamful in Cologne. His passion has always been music, sports, video production, fashion, lifestyle, and clothing. After moving to Germany in 2016, he quickly made a wish to establish himself among other things in the music business. REAL Diamond Records now wants to offer

4ox! Music is back at it again!


4ox! Music is back at it again! This could be your summer hit! On the 30th of November Tony Eason (4ox!) will be releasing his single ‘Our Way’. The single has a real summer vibe and is predicted to rise its way to success! “Our way is basically just about the hard work

INTERVIEW with Jade Alice

Jade Alice

Jade Alice is an electro-pop singer-songwriter/producer with a love for lush harmony and anything with potato in it. Her day dreamy songs are glazed with a silky, sparkling voice, each one capturing a unique feeling and moment in time. Honeyed in melodies, her feel-good lyrics could make the grumpiest cat

Dope Hitz Earns Top-10 Ranking!

Dope Hitz

Launched in September 2016 by Marques Morrison and Stephanie Geider, the New Jersey based independent music label, Dope Hitz Entertainment has quickly become one of the top hip-hop indie labels on the east coast. Complex Magazine, recently ranked DHE #8 in their yearly Indie Top-10 ranking. Dope Hitz Entertainment recently