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Nannies – The new show to watch!

Nannies is the new series to watch! The real stories of the nannies of Beverly Hills are finally being exposed… but in the nicest way possible, through a new comedy web series starring four incredibly talented actresses. The series came to light after two REAL nannies to the rich and famous complied a script anonymously about the craziness of their jobs. The series was originally a drama that Lucky Break Productions attained the rights to and has converted into a comedy series. Nannies explores the truths about caring for the children of the elite, the complex relationship between nanny and parents, family secrets and the difficulties of raising someone else’s children.

Nannies stars Lilly Dennis (Still Here, Good job, Thanks!) as Rachel the ‘leader’ of this group of Beverly Hills nannies to the elite. She is incredibly strong but struggling with caring full time for three children and helping the mother of these kids keep her drinking problem and shopping addiction from her husband. As well as Dennis the show also stars, Ximena Casillas, Daphne Castrajon and Mela Lopez. Nannies is an incredibly diverse cast, who also have an amazing chemistry on screen. All these young women play the wit of the script and quick humor of the characters to perfection.

One of the really integral parts of the series is how both Spanish and English are in the scripts dialogue. The character played by Lopez, speaks no English and is shamed by the mother of the kids she cares for, for speaking to the kids in Spanish. Until Dennis’ character steps in to teach her English and in return Lopez’s character teachers her Spanish in which she is told she needs to teach the kids. Nannies is all about women helping women and the non-stop support this group offer to each other. Something that this world could use more of!

The writers of the show purposefully never revealed their identity for obvious reasons and when the show becomes available for streaming later in 2019, you will be able to make your own guesses on which story rings a bell about which celebrity. This diverse, constantly funny, and female driven comedy series is a must see and a truly beautiful story.


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