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New Music: Harmony Drive ‘Be There’

June 16th, 2017 marks another great step in the musical journey and career of Harmony Drive, the Norwegian band who is becoming more famous as time goes by. Harmony Drive is a band that always manages to strike the right balance between music and lyrics, with that unique mixture of the popular pop, rock and alternative genres. Lars Erik Schjerpen, Andre Myhren and Vidar Braun, have certainly done a good job in joining up as a band as the result can be heard and felt in their great songs.

Since their last single, they have been working hard on other songs as well as a number of performances, and they are now going to release their latest and one of the most powerful singles yet, ‘Be There’.

‘Be There’ has a romantic message which is being delivered in a rather haunting way since as soon as you hear the song you are bound to keep singing along with it as it has that very special and unique imprint on one’s mind and ear. With a very good sound from the musical element, which blends really well with the voice of the main singer, this song is one of those songs that you will want to hear over and over again. The three members of the band have definitely managed to do a great job in both the vocals and the music, and part of the allure of this song lies in their passion for acoustic music which is impeccably combined with the pop genre.

The music video for ‘Be There’ is available on YouTube as well as on the website for Harmony Drive fans to listen to. The song will also be made available for followers of the band on social media platforms. The video was produced by Andre Myhren and Vlad Pullarca.

The music video was filmed in beautiful locations in Norway and in Subic Bay in the Philippines, featuring the members of the band and surfer/model/tv host Mona Lisa Neuboeck who is impersonating the sweetheart of the romantic message in this song. The song was recorded in Denver, Colorado with the help of producer Rich Veltrop and Dave Elitch (Mars Volta) on drums.

For those who would like to dedicate a romantic song for their girlfriend, wife or partner, without being excessively poetic and boring ‘Be There’ is definitely a great choice. The words of the song are romantic, but with the vocals combined with the acoustic and pop music, it really leaves a nice effect. Pleasurable to listen to, and definitely very catchy, ‘Be There’ is surely going to be another hit for Harmony Drive.





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