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They say that real talent always reach beyond measure, and where passion lies, so does destiny. The beautiful and illustrious sounding URICA ROSE is the epitome of both statements and living proof that talent definitely reaches beyond measure.

Born on the day May 17 in Houston, Texas was young innocent URICA, but had the benefits of being raised in QUEENS, NY. In such a fast pace city like NYC, URICA ROSE traits of being open minded and diverse are evident in her music and going against the grain is the instilled behavior of this future mogul from her surrounding beginnings.

At the age of 13, URICA had to experience the divorce of her parents which then led her to move to Elmont, NY with her mom along with her two siblings. URICA had a pretty normal childhood without most challenges a lot of inner city youth goes through on a day to day basis. While living in Elmont, NY at that time, URICA grew in a household full of cousins until the age of 17. During this time is when URICA ROSE’S hidden talent was discovered by her mom over hearing her sing back and forth with a friend of hers on the phone playing, but mistakenly thought it was another young lady singing on the television. Mom then asked URICA who was that singing on the TV to only find out that it was actually the gifted voice of her daughter. As seriousness set in for this hidden jewel also began the journey of stardom.

Inspiring influences growing up for URICA was James Brown, Prince, Janis Joplin and of course the legendary voice of Aretha Franklin. Currently SZA, Rihanna and Chris Brown captures URICA’S attention for their ways of fashion, singing and overall dominance.

URICA’S talent is very diverse for all audiences and performing for the big stage is now her destiny. Up and coming shows and concerts, write-ups and articles, sales and promotions defines the remaining time of URICA’S 2018 schedule. Acting is another piece to URICA’S dynamics that’s sure to become trending to her fans and audiences globally. Expect a music phenomenal uprising to occur and look for URICA ROSE to be a huge part of this diversion of great sounds erupting the remainder of 2018!


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