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NEW MUSIC: Jordan LaFaver Prepares Halloween Release

Pop artist Jordan LaFaver is preparing to release his first single of 2016, and the second song of his solo career. Coming almost a year after his moderately successful first single Lipstick Stains, he plans to release the appropriately titled Salem this Halloween.

“Salem was actually written before Lipstick Stains and was supposed to come out last Halloween,” LaFaver told us, “but I was insecure about the song and pushed it to the back burner. It’s just been sitting on my computer for months until a few of my friends heard it and pushed me to finish and release it, so here we are!”

Although previously stating his album as a whole would be labeled “explicit” by publishers (a change of pace from his generally well-mannered band Diary of Snow), he says this song won’t be in that category. “I’m saving the riskier stuff for later,” he said, laughing, “believe me there is a lot I have planned. This is just a fun song I wrote a while back I’ve finally decided to release. I really think people will enjoy it.”

The late October release date is also significant because Jordan had teased an earlier single, Run My Mouth, for release the same time in 2015. That song was delayed in favor of releasing Lipstick Stains two months later. “It’s a vicious cycle of being so close to finishing a song, and then realizing another song would do better at the time so you put all your focus in another direction,” he explained, “but I don’t look at it as a bad thing. I’ve never had this many songs to contemplate before, I’m proud of how much we’ve accomplished in only a year.”

Salem is scheduled to release at midnight on October 31st to all major online music retailers and streaming services. Snowbound Records will also release it for streaming on Youtube at the same time.

Learn more about Jordan LaFaver at, and be sure to subscribe to Snowbound Records on Youtube!

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