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New Music: KAIYA – “GIMME”

Where dance and fashion meet music… Where poetry and philosophy are united in all the shades of the black-and-white piano palette… Where the silhouette touches a hungry canvas…Where the soft velvet of the voice is intertwined with the silky strings of interlaced melodies…From this rich and delicate matrix of artistry, Kaiya is continuously born.

KAIYA is a NewYork-based electronic-indie-pop artist. She was born in Ukraine and grew up in the European fashion world. Since 2016 KAIYA has been sharing her unique music universe with Brooklyn-based producer, songwriter, and indie-electronic artist ÅMBE. In 2017 KAIYA released her debut single “GAMES” on ADIM Records, an independent record label based in NYC. The single was followed by beautiful lounge-remix and eye-catching lyric video. Her new single “GIMME” – a soulful and crispy blend of modern electronic minimalism with a tasteful vintage sound, was released on ADIM Records in January 2018. Both songs have been getting pretty amazing feedback from indie pop audiences all around the globe, as well as music blogs and magazines from the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Russia. Her songs have been aired on various radio stations in Canada, Ireland, Australia, UK, as well as in the US. Recently, on Valentine’s day, KAIYA  released another lyric video – for her latest single “GIMME”, that has much of the same angelic feel, as KAIYA’s heavenly tender voice does. Now KAIYA is again working with ÅMBE on her next single. Her fans will receive this treat somewhere in early fall.


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New single – “GIMME”

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