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New Music Releases: Latest Songs

Listen to the best new music, before it hits the charts! Download & stream new songs & decide which song hits Number 1. 


RageMD “What You Lookin’ At” (Prod. By SaDiCi)

Bump this in your ride, and try not to run a red light.

Maggie Belle Band – Southern Storm

This track is part of a compilation album featuring twelve contemporary musicians/bands in New Orleans. The album features all original compositions and released by United Bakery Records on December 7, 2017.

WOULF Contact [Prod Bluff Gawd] Shot By AAVG FILMS

WOULF is a prominent musician in the world of hip-hop. At 23, WOULF and his new found momentum from his first full-length mixtape Wolves Amongst Men which can be purchased through Amazon Music and iTunes. He has surpassed many of his colleagues in his pursuit of pushing the limits and boundaries of what music has to offer.

 Being from Cleveland Ohio, WOULF has networked with various producers, DJs, and promoters around the Midwest. After Successfully completing his first tour throughout his home state of Ohio. WOULF has gained recognition throughout college towns and city life, thus cultivating his own movement “Rebel Nation World.” With his movement, he will be able to change many lives through music by opening doors for other avenues in life.
WOULF received press write up in the last issue of the Cleveland Scene back in December of 2016, naming him an artist to watch for in 2017. He has been building a strong presence with the Live Nation venue ” House of Blues ” by opening up for legends such as “The Lox” and “Big Boi.” In the month of May, he has performed for “Beanie Siegel”, and ” Stalley ” at the Grog Shop. Demonstrating intensity, passion, and positive reinforcement, the moving culture of hip-hop has a special place for an architect like WOULF.

Notaker “Retribution”

Download / Stream

There is no sweeter revenge than that in return for injustice. If any can capture such an emotion through music, it’s the talented maestro Notaker. The breakthrough American producer returns to mau5trap with his newest dark, atmospheric production “Retribution,” a hauntingly cinematic, spacey journey through the process of seeking – and finding – that reprisal. Notaker coaxes the listener through its opening with lilting instrumentals that build to sweeping melodies, all layered under an undulating bassline. The pressure begins to build and one can almost imagine Notaker‘s inner warrior preparing for battle, finally triumphing at the track’s driving crescendo. Months after his release “Abyss,” Notaker demonstrates that he’s better than ever by the use of analog sounds in “Retribution,” a rare find in today’s synthesized world. It’s this raw, real quality that gives “Retribution” its undeniably visceral appeal. “This song was a step in a different, darker direction for me and the first time I’ve ever implemented analog sounds into my production process,”says Notaker, shedding further light on his inspiration. “The feeling of the song makes me imagine someone planning revenge on someone for the injustices they’ve done to them, hence the name Retribution.”

David Nothaker – better known as Notaker – has received much acclaim for his musical embodiments of ambiguous natural concepts, like his interpretation of fire through “Born in the Flames” on Armada Captivating, , the subaqueous “Abyss” on mau5trap and the mystical “Genesis” EP recently released on Monstercat. With each impressive dislay of his prowess, Notaker is steadily evolving from talented newcomer to vetted dance music prodigy. He certainly has a unique musical style, one that has been praised by fans and tastemakers alike in his relatively short professional career. Inspired by legends like Hans ZimmerDeadmau5, and Eric PrydzNotaker specializes in creating an atmosphere around his productions to immerse the listener in the story of his sound, rather than just the track itself. 2017 has been quite a year for Notaker, and we can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve next.

Dan Bravo “Never Change”

Norwegian based producer Dan Bravo releases a fresh electronic and R&B infused new single on London based record label ‘Organized Chaos’ titled ‘Never Change’. Dan delivers a smooth down-tempo vibe, mixed with a catchy R&B like vocal that will be stuck in your head for days!

Dan Bravo went suddenly from being a local DJ in Norway/Oslo to a producer who received worldwide attention by major record labels and artists. Through his very first uploads on SoundCloud, he managed to sign tracks and remixes with Sony Music, The Bearded Man and released his first single on Armin Van Buuren’s record company Armada Music.

With consistent releases, millions of plays and support via Soundcloud, Spotify, radio and more, Dan Bravo was picked out by one of Scandinavia’s biggest radio network NRK P3 as the “Electronic Artist To Watch“, all this happened in his first year in music so we are super excited to see where his music will take him in 2018.

With lots of new material coming and after going viral on Spotify with his two latest’s releases, reaching all the way to top «10 in the world » and receiving support from Spotify’s Fresh Finds playlist we know for sure his future is looking bright and there is nothing stopping Dan Bravo from becoming the next EDM superstar out of Norway.

Willder “Wrong Lovers”

Willder formed out of a group of friends in Late 2016 in Seattle Wa. The band’s first release, an EP, features the single “wrong lovers”. The single has been featured on several playlists including Amazon ‘Fresh Indie’ and ‘Introducing Indie’ as well as ‘Dig!’ a Spotify playlist of indie artists.

MESSYAH “I Don’t Wanna Die”

“If you’d asked Nic Signer what he planned to do with his life a few years ago, he would have told you he was going to be a preacher,” The Nashville Scene ‘s Lance Conzett wrote on Wednesday. “But well into his junior year at seminary, Signer suffered a crisis of faith that led him to abandon the church and embrace music as his future. Under the name MESSYAH , Signer marries pop hooks and modern rap music into a glittering, anxious hip-hop vibe that he calls ‘existential trap.’ His music pries apart the realities affecting his generation— financial instability, suicide, doubt— and the questions of life and existence that drove him toward a career in religion in the first place.”

Fresh off of a packed-out, debut headlining show in Nashville that was praised by Music City’s own alt weekly, MESSYAH premiered his brand new single, ” I Don’t Wanna Die ,” with Variance Magazine yesterday to even further acclaim.

Known for his entirely DIY aesthetic and distinct blend of organic instrumentation, the pop-rap artist recorded and produced the track solely by himself in just a few hours using a DX7 and a guitar in the main pad, along with some drum samples.

He told Variance , “Truthfully, ‘ I Don’t Wanna Die ‘ is a summary of my life in 2017… a checkpoint song portraying where I am in my existence. It’s a song about being broke; having no money in the bank; wanting something, even though time is slipping away super fast; and finally, after a long period of time, seeing clearly and growing in confidence to be yourself and step out into the future.”

“I Don’t Wanna Die” is available now via SoundCloud Spotify Apple Music Amazon , and Google Play 

Philip Bixby “Heartbreaker”

Heartbreaker celebrates women who can “do both”. Hopefully, its an anthem that will empower women yet also encourage men to allow their woman to flourish outside of their relationship. In the second verse, however an ultimatum is given, “if you want to be with you, then come correct”… I feel like more men should be straight up about their feelings for a girl, if don’t want her with anyone else, then you have to let her know.

Karim White “Lie To Me”

Karim White’s new single ‘Lie To Me’ does everything it needs to, and more. His charismatic rock star presence mixed with Bowie-esque lyricism is sure to catch your attention and get you out of your seat. Karim names many artists as his influences, from Prince to Led Zeppelin.

However, he makes clear that every song he writes ‘comes from the spirit of Rock and Roll’.

‘Lie To Me’ is flirtatious and energizing but also vulnerable. Karim sings of a relationship falling apart, where he would rather his lover lie to him and tell him what he wants to hear, rather than accept the truth, that they have both fallen out of love…

Karim’s drive to reach his goals is unprecedented. He has toured extensively around the Auckland open mic scene, winning over new fans and honing his sound along the way. The live feel of ‘Lie To Me’ is also exceptional. Hearing the track feels like listening to a band jamming right in front of you, playing to a buzzing, packed-out venue.

In today’s music landscape of ‘DJ’ artists, Karim White kicks back with quality, solid, rock music. There’s more of this on the way with his debut E.P. due for release on December 12th, 2017.

You can also check him out live at NZ’s hottest festival ‘Rhythm and Vines’ 2018 NYE party. 

Steve Benjamins “Still In Love With You”

This is the first single from the upcoming 2018 EP ‘Manhood’.

This has been a breakout year for Steve Benjamins. His music has been featured on official Sony Music Playlists, Spotify Playlists (Fresh Finds), Noon Pacific and more. His two other singles from this year have been streamed over 360,000 times.

Air Stranger “Piece of Pie”

“Piece of Pie” is the funkiest, freshest, and final single from Air Stranger’s debut EP, “Paper and Fire.” Hot and sweet, decadent and delicious, it is being served to you straight out of the groove ovens of Vancouver’s finest studios. As producer Darren Grahn said, “you literally cannot listen to this song and NOT want to dance.” Even Neo, the amazing French Bulldog who poses as Air Stranger’s unofficial mascot, was caught dancing backward on his hind legs to this song!

Venture Klan “Yams”

Venture Klan is a New York City-based Hip Hop/ Rap collective. They just released their debut album ‘Shinto’ on June 30th. The group consists of Ave Campbell, BukDaWorld, and Leland Charles; all three rappers possess skills that formulates musical harmony. Whether individually or together, Venture Klan has the range to reach a variety of audiences with their undeniable talent. Leland’s gritty voice combined with Ave’s witty lyrics and Buk’s upbeat flow creates a mesh of unique hip-hop that’s missing from the current mainstream landscape. Sonically, the album is cohesive with music for any mood or occasion, the music amongst the three of them is genuine and balanced, and the flavors they bring to the genre are fresh and innovative.

Brandoshis “Tomorrows Not Promised”

Up and Coming artist Brandoshis has reached millions of views on youtube. A well known Kansas City R&B artist who was also featured on Tech N9NE last release. Also has released songs with Kstylis and Perelli2

Tim Myers “Can’t Stop This Love”

A multitalented artist, songwriter, and producer Tim Myers releases new single, “Can’t Stop This Love,” as part of the Father Figures film soundtrack, released Friday, December 15th, 2017.

Tim Myers’ work speaks for itself: as a founding member of the multi-platinum group OneRepublic, he co-wrote multiple songs on the band’s first two albums, including the number one hit “Stop and Stare.” As a songwriter, producer and artist, his career have included hits with Capital Cities, Five For Fighting, Hailee Steinfeld, Kesha and many others. His music has been highlighted in multiple feature films and trailers and orchestrated commercial campaigns for such brands as Apple, Pepsi, Coke, Toyota, and Target, as well as top television shows and promos across major networks.

Tim Myers founded Palladium Records in 2009. By 2015, Palladium Records had signed sixteen alternative pop artists that include: The Unknown, FM Radio, MoZella, Serengeti, and Lenachka. Palladium Records has secured over a thousand placements in film, commercials and television shows including 21 Jump Street, Pretty Little Liars, Grey’s Anatomy, Google, Target, Apple, EA Sports, Fox, ABC, and Netflix.

Download or stream, “Can’t Stop This Love” on digital music platforms worldwide. For more information on Tim Myers and upcoming releases, visit his website

Peyton McMahon “Tell Me Why”

Peyton McMahon has been on a musical odyssey for the past several years. Another chapter in that journey is beginning with the launch of Peyton’s initial music release; an EP simply entitled “Peyton McMahon” which contain 4 songs exclusively written by Peyton.  After years of sharing imaginative covers, Peyton McMahon is now creating his own path.

It’s not like uploading cover tunes has been bad for Peyton.  He has amassed a YouTube following of over 13,000 followers and gotten shoutouts from several artists.  He was also personally selected by Kelly Clarkson to perform in Dallas for her homecoming stop on her Piece By Piece tour.

It has all been good, but Peyton now wants to do his own thing.

So today begins the latest chapter in Peyton’s music career.  Peyton is releasing his first record of original material with his 4-song EP  “Peyton McMahon”.  The EP was recorded in Los Angeles and was produced by David Maemone who is a member of Gavin DeGraw’s band.   David, who plays keyboards, also recruited the drummer (Michael Baker) and guitarist (Billy Norris) from DeGraw’s band to pitch in on Peyton’ record.

The EP contains 4 hook-filled tunes that would easily fit into any top-40 playlist in the current musical landscape.  The lead single, “Hold On Tight” is reminiscent of Shawn Mendes with an undeniable, ‘can’t get it out of my head’ chorus.  Another killer cut from the EP, “Tell Me Why” has a vibe somewhere between Hozier and Niall Horan with a slam-dunk chorus worthy of Matchbox 20.   Peyton then balances those tunes with an acoustic Ed Sheeran-like ballad with an unexpected and pleasing falsetto performance called “See the Sun”.  The remaining track is a pulsating pop song called “Last Man Standing” that shows a definite OneRepublic influence.

Gold Brother x LIIV “Bring You Back”

New single “Bring You Back”, produced by Gold Brother, featuring 16-year old female vocalist LIIV. This song is currently featured on the brand new FOX TV promo for their upcoming show THE RESIDENT. Watch the FOX promo on Facebook here:

The song is co-written by Mikey Wax, who hosts 1M online social media fans and would share your feature with his fanbase.

Burden – I Got

Knuckling down for his mainstream spotlight, Burden is currently piecing together his upcoming mixtape “My Own Worst NME” with features from Lil Whyte, JellyRoll, Kevin Gates, and more. “This project demonstrates growth I feel like because the music is more intricate than ever. And I refuse to retreat.” The determination of the rapper is very apparent and by the looks and sounds of it, Burden has what the world has been missing from hip-hop. “We’ve only scratched the surface,” says Burden.

Visit Burden’s official website for videos, music, merchandise, and more at

Ori Dagan “Sting of The Cactus”

Award-winning jazz singer-songwriter Ori Dagan’s recording debut “S’Cat Got My Tongue” established him as a bold musical adventurer in the jazz world. His sophomore album “Less Than Three ♥” featured fresh takes on Elton John, Elvis Presley, Madonna and Frank Sinatra, as well as the original “Googleable,” a 21st-century love song to a search engine. On Dagan’s upcoming jazz visual album “Nathaniel” he pays tribute to Nat King Cole, including 5 originals inspired by Cole’s life, music and legacy:


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