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New Music Releases: Latest Songs

Listen to the best new music, before it hits the charts! Download & stream new songs & decide which song hits Number 1. 



Pitbull and Fifth Harmony debuted their catchy collaboration, “Por Favor,” at the Latin American Music Awards on October 26. Since then, Mr. Worldwide and America’s favorite girl group have promoted it with appearances on Dancing With The Stars and TRL.

Listen now on all your favorite platforms click link below


Demi Lovato – Tell Me You Love Me

Demi Lovato‘s video for her new single “Tell Me You Love Me” feels like a mini episode of Grey’s Anatomy – and not just because one of the ABC series’ stars, Jesse Williams, plays Lovato’s love interest.

Listen now on all your favorite platforms click links below:

Demi Lovato “Tell Me You Love Me” DELUXE:

Demi Lovato “Tell Me You Love Me” STANDARD:


At The Moment – “Ready For Love”

“Ready For Love” is the second single off of In For A Ride which is At The Moment’s latest release, which came out this past summer. Dan, the brains behind the bad, is NYC based and uses the scenery from the Chambers Street station as the backdrop for this emotional tune.

Listen now on all your favorite platforms click link below to download:


 Stella Angelika – Sleep

The track single handedly manages to capture all the qualities about Stella Angelika that makes her perhaps the best contemporary American singer: A celestial purity to her voice, rarely matched range and power in her voice, and a true artist’s touch of performance. She completely reinvents the song,
5/5 stars plus, a phenomenal song from an essential artist of contemporary indie music.


Marcus Patrick – teen fever

In the beginning, there was the talent and eventually came the melodies. And then, we beheld his buttery tenor and that incredible falsetto glide from on high. We’ve been blessed with the stylings of Marcus Patrick, and the works are abundant and very, very  good. Amen. Highly Recommended.


Bisola – This Christmas

Captivating new song that celebrates the meaning of Christmas! British Singer Songwriter Bisola delivers her first ever Christmas track – and it hits all the right notes! The song titled ‘This Christmas’ beautifully brings to life the emotions, excitement and magical moments Christmas is known for.

The song evokes a perfect balance of refreshing, meaningful lyrics and exceptional vocal delivery by Bisola that effortlessly transports listeners to a truly special place. ‘This Christmas’ is set to be an instant and enduring classic.
‘This Christmas’ is out now on iTunes, Spotify and all major digital music platforms.


Trigram – Assimilate

Following a distressed marriage, ASSIMILATE takes a metaphoric look at conformity in social media through the lens of a dystopian world.

Appropriately, the story of Trigram starts with a dream. The musical alter-ego of vocalist, guitarist, and composer Rodney Warner formally birthed from a nightmare in mid-2016…

“I was left with feelings of how life isn’t a permanent thing,” he sighs. “There was something missing. I’d been playing music my whole life, but I never finished anything to be proud of. I never fully committed to a piece of art. It was finally time do a record.”

Inspired by the likes of Tool, Alice In Chains, Deftones and other nineties juggernauts, Rodney hit the studio and quietly recorded the four songs over the course of a year. These songs would become Trigram’s independent self-titled 2017 debut EP. Longtime friend Brian Mansell [Leon Russell, Concrete Blonde] produced and performed drums and lead guitar, while Rodney personally handled vocals, rhythm guitar, and bass. As the EP came together, the name and its symbology proved appropriate.

Listen now on all your favorite platforms to this inspirational REAL story, click links below:


Naomie Rose and Asarius – Idontwannabeyouanymore

Naomie is an aspiring Indie Artist from Montreal, Canada. In 2017, she auditioned on the Voice Quebec.

Naomie is from Montreal and Asarius is from Miami. They met through social networks and collaborated this song witout ever having met in person. Take a listen on this amazing Billie Eilish cover song!

Praa – Modeling Clay

Minimalist, inventive and smooth, Modeling Clay is the perfect introduction to Praa’s French RnB. A distinctive debut track coloured by a voice both ethereal and soulful, assembled diligently by three creative minds: producer Timsters (Manceau, Colorado) and mixed by Robin Florent (Portugal The Man, Dua Lipa) and mastered in Finland by Svante Forsbäck.

Stream/buy Modeling Clay :

Alexandra Panayotova – Be Mine Forever

Alexandra Panayotova is a French/Bulgaria independent singer. She currently lives in Bulgaria. With her  passion for singing since she was a little baby and recently discovered that writing songs is something new that she enjoys as much as singing, she just droped this new original!
“I wrote Be Mine Forever with Luc Olivier via Whatsapp and Skype, which was a little challenge, but a great learning experience. The song was produced and mixed by Luca Vicini (Vicio) who is the bass player of Subsonica, a famous Italian band.”

Take a listen and follow this girl cause she has it all for make it big very soon!

Still A Great Night – Merry Christmas, Melania (Still A Great Christmas)

Still A Great Night is back, and this time with his satirical masterpiece, ” Merry Christmas, Melania (Still A Great Christmas) .” As the holidays are just around the corner, Still A Great Night sheds light on a world turned upside down as 2017 nears its end.

In a world of fast-food music and short attention spans, Still A Great Night stands out amongst the crowd bringing us music about something. Undeniably funny but truly touching on complex social issues, Still A Great Night’s “Merry Christmas, Melania” is a light-hearted commentary on the craziness that’s enveloped our world.

Staying true to the grandiose and epic style that is ” Still A Great Night “, “Merry Christmas, Melania” combines spoken word and intricate instrumentation to create this powerful track.

Payton Odom – At My Door

The Brooklyn-based Payton Odom’s music reflects the soul of his native Texas and the heart of his new home with his new track. And it’s out now!

There’s something so inherently beautiful in growing from pain. Payton Odom’s new track ” At My Door ” is just that, in its most beautiful form. A moody piano melody and soulful vocals unfold into a powerful declaration of the uncertainty of limbo. Shedding light on the discomfort of having someone close enough to see you at your worst, yet having the temptation to shut them out. Mixing elements of R&B and synth instrumentation, Payton reflects on the push-pull of staying in and moving on from a relationship.


The Habits – Feeling It

Riding the border of alt-pop and alt-rock, The Habits seamlessly blend elements of both genres in their new track ” Feeling It .” Diving into the woes of dating in 2017, this moving beat and addicting melody sink you in, just like that feeling of swiping right. Enamoring and captivating just like the effects of love, “Feeling It” leaves you wanting more.


Daniel Rosenholm – Why Do We Treat You So Bad (feat. Klara Kazmi)

In Daniel Rosenholm’s new song “Why Do We Treat You So Bad” he asks the question how we can continue to live our lives the way we do when scientists all over the world agree that we must change our lifestyles dramatically if this planet is going to remain habitable for future generations.

Now he wants to invite people to start sharing what they do to save the planet under the hashtag #theresalotwecando, so that we can inspire each other and speed up the transition to a more sustainable lifestyle.

It was that text line that was the inspiration for the hashtag #theresalotwecando when Daniel and Klara was discussing how they could get the message of the song out in a strong and efficient way.

Now he hopes that the hashtag and his song will get more people involved and realize the seriousness of the climate issue.



The simplicity of EDEN’s tracks keep us wanting more. In “crash,” EDEN ditches overcomplicated production to emphasize the rawness of his vocals and lyrics. ” crash ” is stream of consciousness, an outpouring of all the feelings and thought’s we’re consumed by in the long aftermath of heartbreak. EDEN puts into song the struggle to stay strong and we’re left with the sting of his last line, “don’t feel much better but I guess that its a start.”

EDEN recently announced his first album,Vertigo, which will be out January 2018, as well as his Vertigo World Tour.

ED.1t – Fantasy featuring Young Lit Hippy

LA based electro-soul duo ED.1T composed of songwriter/guitarist Nahuel Cerati and producer/keyboardist Karo Moralyan formerly known as AK Beats was born in 2016. Together, they combine the sounds of hip hop, trap, and dance music with live instrumentation, creating a blend of guitars, synths and vocals to form a uniquely soulful, yet modern sound.

Groovy hip hop beats and infectious hooks make up the ear worm that is Fantasy from ED.1T featuring Young Lit Hippy.

Rico Rossi (feat. Rayven Justice and Thuy) – Can We Get Away

Rico Rossi, Rayven Justice and Thuy link up for a new R&B pop anthem “Can We Get Away”.

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