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New Music: Richie Ray “No Good Thing” EP

Richie Ray

Today a new Positive Hip Hop artist has emerged spreading positivity and change in his community and now to the world. His name, Richie Ray. The music delivered,  the “No Good Thing” E.P. Bringing forth the scripture from the  Bible John 1:46 “Can any good thing come from Nazareth?”

Richie Ray plans to shake up the industry too. With his own ways of boldy stating his past life and unashamed of who he once was to tell it like it is of how God can turn someone from the most extreme negative to the most highest postive. He tastefully begins to unmask what you will hear throughout the “No Good Thing” EP by using the controversial album cover art with him holding a blunt. Signifying you can’t judge a book by its cover. Anybody can be saved from the pits and brought to everlasting love. The 5 track EP seamlessly flows together explaining how his life was saved.

Richie Ray was raised in the urban tough neigborhood of East Orlando known as RPL. Known since its infancy of being a community that is surrounded by drugs, gangs, guns, and violence. It was in this place where early on in life he got involved into the spiraling downward culture him and his peers knew nothing better to do. “No Good Thing” ever came from RPL.

There is a moment in his life where God came into Richie Ray’s life and saved him and drastically changed him for the greater good. Richie then knew what he done in the past was destructive to himself, his family, his friends, and his community all at the same time.

Richie Ray then began to the study the word of God and grow in life and now has became a pastor, motivitional speaker, positive rap artist, and changes peoples lives daily by spreading his Test in life that made him a walking Testimony in spreading the Gospel.

In the Bible, Jesus Christ is the Messiah and hailed from Nazareth. Many people were in dismay  that Jesus could be the Messiah because Nazareth was known for “No Good Thing”. In fact it was the disciple Nathaneal that was unsure at the time by asking in John 1:46 “Can any good thing come from Nazareth?” meaning are you sure Jesus Christ is the Messiah. “No Good Thing” comes from Nazareth.

Richie Ray’s passion for music inspired him to share his journey of how God transformed him from bad to great.  He hopes to reach others by creating music of his own and spreading the good news. This is how the “No Good Thing” E.P. was emerged.

In Richie Ray’s own words he says “No Good Thing” E.P. represents everything from where from where I grew up. Whether its drugs, guns, violence, whatever it is that represents “No Good Thing” God turned it around for the greater good and now I’m out here doing positive things for the community.”

It is time now for you to listen to this astonishing body of work and experience Richie Ray’s story which is very much relatable to us all.

Richie Ray “No Good Thing”
1. To Die For
2. RPL’s Finest
3. Cover Art
4. Cheers
5. Long Ways featuring Christopher King


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