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NEW MUSIC: “Something’s Burning” by Fig Man and the Flummoxed Wasp

“Every single note will make you fly.”

About the album ‘Something’s Burning’: 
I asked a good friend who loves music, how would he define this album? I loved his answer: “…I believe, because of the attributes and qualities of the chords you use, I would put it as Experimental Jazz or Experimental Funk – I think funk is more accurate due to the fact that it sounds more upbeat and electronic than the conventional jazz – but I think you could write it as “Phunk” with “P” for its punk side.”

As I was looking for the main theme of the album, my sister gave me a good hint: The writer of the best science fiction novel ever written. We had been reading Douglas Adams for some time, so I figured the way to express my very own tribute from a musician’s perspective. This album is the humble result. I really hope you like it.

“Absurdo Sónico” and “Fig Man and the Flummoxed Wasp” are both Daniel Figueroa’s concepts, a multifaceted and experimental artist whose art revolves around literature and music.



Twitter: @phigueroa
Facebook: @figmanwasp

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