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New Music: Tattooed Mulligan Ft. The UnderBoss – Bad Luck

Sean Mulligan and Fale Simitaitoko better known as Tattooed Mulligan and Bad Luck Fale respectively have been mates since 2013. Initially, on Twitter, Mulligan began talking to Fale about the wrestling business which Fale is a huge superstar in, applying his craft for New Japan Pro Wresting. They would finally meet in 2014 when Fale was back in New Zealand for a well-deserved break from a tour of Japan.

They kept in touch for the next few years with Mulligan inviting Fale down to his local town of Tauranga to talk business and share stories. When asked what they talked about Mulligan said “just a whole lot of things really, Fale was bringing New Japan Wrestling to New Zealand for the first time ever so we talked and shared ideas regarding that among other things”

Tattooed Mulligan Ft. The UnderBoss

Fast Forward to this January Sean released his first song called Swipe Her, which got a lot of attention including getting noticed by radio host Dom Harvey of The Edge morning show “Yea was pretty overwhelming to be honest, especially when Dom from the Country’s biggest radio show invited me in for an interview” Mulligan admitted “He’s such a cool dude, so is his wife Jay-Jay, the whole experience of getting interview and my song being played was amazing, I’m so grateful”

The song also got the attention of Fale who is a fan of all types of music says Mulligan “I messaged Fale to see if he wanted to catch up for lunch afterwards as I had an idea I wanted to put past him, well that idea turned into a project that kept me pretty busy the last 3 plus months” Mulligan says “I had the idea of getting him on a song called Bad Luck, basically me talking to him about bad nights out I have had with different girls.” Mulligan goes on to say how he struggled to find a suitable beat that would fit with the conversation verses. “that was bloody difficult, as I’m not a singer nor is Fale so to make a beat that fits in was hard.”

Tattooed Mulligan Ft. The UnderBoss


Using his social media prowess Mulligan messaged a Japanese female singer that agreed singer the chorus as long as she was not credited for it. “she’s totally shy” laughs Mulligan “she’s a cool chick who I have known for awhile and her voice is amazing, she was happy as to help me out.”

Listening to this song there are a few things that come to mind firstly the beat and timing of everything comes off nicely, the song is totally catching and lastly, there isn’t a shadow of a doubt that Mulligan has had some BAD LUCK with the ladies.

Check out the song below which has just gone to Number One on the NZ music Heatseekers charts:

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