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New Music by #tobyseason OH MY GOD

-ToBy- is the musical alias of the 23 year old, Reggie Baril, an actor/playwright/director/rap artist from Miami and member of the BARIKUDAxDEATHWISH rap crew. In 2017 he graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance with various collegiate level awards and nominations for his acting, playwriting, and directing.


In 2016 his track and music video Gold, produced by LA Producer Cray, caught the attention of Joshua Hernandez from ZYON MGMT, home to the award winning musical savant, Aleksander Vinter (Savant, Datakrash, Blanco) and the taste maker, musician and director, Mike Diva.

ToBy hasn’t had a major breakout moment yet, but all the pieces are there for him to put together. He certainly has a big opportunity to capitalize on buzz in the upcoming months.

Listen to OMG below:

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