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New Single by Fernando Triff SunsetStrip on Vevo

Fernando Triff offers music with a fresh perspective. With big-beats and clever rhymes designed to be
both thought-provoking and dance-inducing – he creates music that makes you think, move and groove,
all at the same time. With original lyrics and intense rhythms lining his tracks – Fernando Triff has been
scoring huge with critics and fans alike as his fan-base continues to grow with love & support for his

In addition to receiving awards for his music in the city of Los Angeles, Fernando is already having his
every move followed by thousands of people online and big names in entertainment. Networks and
press such as AXS, CBS, NBC, BET, Vibe,The Source, Upcoming100, N1M and Spinnin’ Talent Pool have covered his
songs in reviews and interviews and he’s recently occupied the #1 spot on MTV for an entire month in
2015. With music screened exclusively by Wix Music on the infamous SXSW festival – Fernando’s
career is more than taking-off – it’s already in full-flight and heading straight to the top.

Currently working on brand-new material to keep the people bumpin’ & grindin’ on the dance-floor –
Triff is continually finding new, exciting samples and beats to support the creativity of his flow & lyrics.
Ready to take on the entire world and spread his music & message globally – Triff is already being
recognized as one of the planet’s & upcoming future superstars.
Have a listen to his music and you’ll know exactly all the reasons why that is!

Join in on the excitement and follow Fernando Triff

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