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New Single by Quinton Barnes “Lost in Reality”

Quinton Barnes

Quinton Barnes is a singer/songwriter and producer born in Waterloo, Ontario. Though firmly rooted in pop/R&B, his music draws from influences as diverse as Prince, Michael Jackson, Frank Ocean, David Bowie and Stevie Wonder. An electrifying performer, Barnes’ tour de force lies in his stage show, where he dances and powers through an exhilarating set of all-original tunes, rarely stopping to take a break or catch his breath. His upcoming EP, titled “London Whiskey” is an eclectic mix of R&B, hip-hop and soul that is slated to be released in mid-December.

Now, the single has been released and we have to say, it’s even more amazing than we expected.



Kiss me til the sun rises/ Cause if you know me, I hate being alone/ Hold me til the sun goes down/ Cause baby I’m lonely, and I can’t stay on my own/ Oh I’d cry through the night to have you by my side It’s so hard to be so young yet so denied/ Yeah, it’s like these bitches got no love, it’s faux love/ And if you done got love it’s slow love/ Baby it’s of no concern, oh I got time to burn It’s like these bitches got fake love, it’s fake love/ And if you ain’t got love it’s late love Baby it’s of no concern, oh I got things to learn/ Oh I ain’t sorry, I’m being honest

It’s got an anthem feel to it. It’s the kind of song you know someone will ask for before the lights come on and suddenly, the entire bar will be singing the same song for the same reasons. Maybe you’ll be there at the same time as the one that got away, maybe you’ll be singing it at the top of your lungs and hoping they’re singing it too.

Yeah you got me dropping knowledge like a nigga went to college but/ I’m not complaining, I’m just saying, my thoughts been fraying/ Been heavy blazing, mind is racing, fantasy chasing/ I’m tryna make it, tryna chase it, my will is fading I’m not dissuaded, contemplating, the world is changing I’m not concerned,/ I still got things to learn/ And if you could pick apart the mind and cure the apathy inside/ Cause baby I’m not in denial and I’ve been lonely for a while/ Thoughts left unchecked turn to ruminations/ Freedom is the only cure to alienation It’s like these bitches got no love, it’s faux love/ And if you done got love it’s slow love/ Baby it’s of no concern, oh I got time to learn It’s like these bitches can’t take love, they make love and if you don’t got love it’s fake love/ Baby it’s of no concern, we all got things to learn

There’s something that really hits with this one. His voice is stunning, he hits every note perfectly and he’s really coming into his own.

“Lost in Reality” is the song we needed without realizing it and it’s solidified that when Quinton does release his new EP, it’ll be one we won’t be able to (nor want to) stop listening to.

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