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#NewMusic: Nothing but You, Nicky – Tell Me

tell me

Singer dazzles with expressive ballad and stunning production aesthetics.

“Tell Me” is a new single release by Nothing but You, Nicky – This talented singer set out to showcase an impressive vocal range, as the dynamics of her performance really add air and movement to the entire track, lifting the choruses up to the sky and allowing the verses to breathe.

Nothing but You, Nicky is a project with a passion for lush, direct and romantic melodies. The most striking feature of recent single “Tell Me”, is definitely the unique voice of this singer: she can go deep and warm, but also bright and lush, showcasing a really wide-ranging tone that is suitable for any style. In this particular song,  Nicky uses her impressive dynamic range to really build on the song’s arrangements, singing with a brooding, mellow tone in the verses and letting the choruses explore with presence.


“Tell Me” is a romantic and touching ballad, but there is a somewhat theatrical feel to the music – I would imagine a Broadway cast singing and dancing to this tune, which is so expressive it really would suit itself to this particular environment!


Released on Phoenix Records, the song was brought to life by a talented set of individuals, including composer Emine Sari, producer Cihat Atlig and engineer Joel Evenden.

“Tell Me” is one of those songs that immediately compel you to pay attention: the structure is familiar, yet slightly unpredictable, making for a really interesting and engaging listening experience. This ballad really showcases Nothing but You, Nicky at her absolute best, and the music is really a match with the flamboyant vocal tones!

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Andrea Caccese, musician/music journalist, publicist, and branding consultant

Andrea Caccese
Musician / music journalist, publicist and branding consultant

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